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One of 79 ready sense of the seventies eighties nineties another weekend. Welcome to agenda bill with you See, Now I finally agree with the pole that people did because usually when it comes to science calls who's the greatest Batman of all time in the West know he came in second? We're talking about movies, TV shows, joking on the maybe became second, that fantastic, like overwhelmingly 43% of the vote went to Christian Bale. Michael Hey, came in a close third next to Adam West, who had 14% 30. How much Christian one Wait. Greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties on Sonny 1079 continues. Next J. Foreigner here, CEO of Rocket Mortgage Making the right financial decisions has never been more important. When you turned a rocket mortgage, we can help guide you to those right decisions now when they matter, most mortgage rates are near historic lows..

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