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Welcome back to clockwise the tech podcast that works every time sixty percent of the time. I'm your host Dan Moore, and I'm joined by my fellow host my good friend Mr. Micha sergeant how you doing today. Mike, I am doing well. It's a part of that sixty percent today with working. You're really, you're really phone ended in scaping it in today. Skype it in. All right. Well, this is of course the show where we invite onto fantastic guests to talk about technology to my left. One of my former colleagues at MacWorld and the author of the brand new take control of MAC OS Mojave Shelly mcfarland's here. Hi Shelley at low. Dan. Thanks for being here and to my left is rogue amoeba. I don't know. Maybe you've heard of that application before rogue amoeba. Paul cfasf this. Hello, Paul, Howdy. I dance said you have to excellent guests Shali's here. Who am I replacing. Last minute addition. All right. So I'll kick things off with the first of our four topics. Apples I work sweet continued to become more and more competent over the years. I was particularly impressed to a recent update, two numbers which brought a smart categories feature that's a little table esque. My question is, do you guys rely on I work for your productivity suite needs? Is there some other set of apps that you prefer? Maybe some big behemoth that rhymes with Microsoft? I don't know. But my my question is what what do you use when it comes to your productivity needs? Shali. Well, Microsoft is not my my apps. We'd of choice and neither is pages and the whole. I work sweet. I am a Google docs kind of gal now, and I do pretty much all my work in Koogle docs except for the take control books. We actually right in nicest writer, so that's really out from left field. That's what. We do all the big books in, but I have done page layout in pages and it is. It's pretty good. It often confuses me, but I have managed to do some cookbooks and all sorts of kid kind of things in it. But I would say Google has toppled Microsoft for me, and I work isn't really in the running. It's funny. You know, someone is being very honest, whenever their voice raises about three octaves it's pretty good. I use the, I work sweet for. I don't know everything that is just something I guess that I'm creating locally. I guess the best way to put it. But yeah, everything else I do in in Google docs or rather Google's suite of applications. In fact, we are looking at a Google sheet right now, some of highest. Behind the curtain. There's your peak. I will say though it has certainly become more and more powerful and I appreciate the improvements that continue to be made with it that you know, bring it in line with some of the other applications that are out there. And I think it feels less bloated than the Microsoft suite of products because a just had opened up Microsoft Word on someone's computer the other day, and it took his finally open now. Took forever to load. And once it loaded it had like seventy five tool bars and it looked terrible. Like what? No, this is ridiculous. So I'm very happy that Apple's I work sweet has most of the stuff that I need and I can use Google docs and Google sheets and at cetera for the rest. So I actually, it sounds like I'm a minority. I use Mejia's a little bit for really simple word processing stuff. I use numbers for a decent number of spreadsheets that are fairly simple, but that you know, I do a little bit of math in there a little bit of. Basic spreadsheet work. So I use both of them fairly frequently, but lately I've been stuck using word. I've been getting some legal documents contracts back and forth, and I don't trust track changes across. Between pages and word. So if people don't know, attract changes is basically like someone sends you document. You make some changes. It goes back to them. They can see what the changes were and accept them or just them themselves and legal contract that something that you kick back and forth the half dozen times. I have no idea if pages handles this properly. Someone might well tell me that it does, but I don't trust it. When you know the lawyers are all using word. I just wanna be using the same thing that they are..

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