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You know the new pass whatever so but she's trying to break away from everything that's puts her. Yeah but i just so they had to battle you know okay could achieve call with the self i get that but now i just i like when they're battling the the the environment to like. It's not just the person it's not just a vampires. It's not just this guy trying to break. I mean it's always a race against the sun coming up. Yeah so. I like that part of it. And i liked that you know like it was just one chair here like go with time it is. It's like oh the sun's coming up. We gotta go try to find a place to sleep right so that was their whole day. I mean that's of it. I just and i just love the whole story. I really did i. I don't need sometimes. I don't need the t- thin you know the the cliche in all the the. It's not really not really scary movie. It's just violent suspense. There's tension and suspense and and some violence. Yeah but i but it's like it's not like a movie you're gonna go watch and we scared it's kind of a different. It's kind of a violent horror film with with with a twist. But it dredge really a love story it is with it really isn. Yeah but you know. I i would recommend it to. I would too if you had seen it. I and i'm biased. But you know so. It just For me doesn't hold up as well. Because remember when i first saw it. I thought it was fantastic. It was ranting and raving about it. But you know after seeing it now after all these years like i said there was flaws that kind of bothered me but overall i would say yeah i would recommend this in. Yeah in your collection just to have it As an important piece of yeah. So i think diana would like him but i think she'd like pregnant to. We're still doing so Hill house we were at the The funeral home and now is in the casket and the all the The family is they're meeting. For nells way watched at all or no just stat up. So we're we're getting close. I think that's episode six or seven. You've finished that. You've finished at episode. Where there in the in in with the power goes out. That's that's that's the episode where they did of it in one take. That's what i was thinking. Rob which one we're talking about it. Yeah yeah amazing. Yeah yeah yeah. And i like i like the whole health segment. Was you know it was like about forty five minutes. And then they cut and then they win another twenty minutes. Yeah on one take but it was all one take unbelievable and all that stuff was going on and one take. That's why i was so mesmerized. Because the the power goes out in the body falls and right he. He walks into the mansion. Right as a flashback. that's all one take. that's amazing. Yeah settle that up and build the set next to the other set right. Walks into the hill house. Yeah yeah yeah crazy crazy. Well very well done. I was just like wow. Yeah so that's where we're at two or three left but yeah yes you're pretty much towards the end. Yeah earn join. We'll do blind manner to so we'll probably watch probably won't like it as much but it it. That's a real real slow burn. All it is does a really start picking up and tort till the last three or four at mike flanagan to yeah okay. But it's it's very well done. It's just not like he'll house okay. We'll houses is more intense and scary. Okay cool so on that note. All right yeah. I think that's all we got all right. We'll come back next week in talk about more horror films. I don't know what we're gonna watch your pick round pick. I haven't really decided okay. I'm torn between a couple movies here. And i'll have to let you know all right all right. We won't say it on on the air here so all right let's Yeah you know everybody in town that's in. Hopefully we'll have some more messages from our listeners. Keep sending the keep sending the questions. We appreciate it. Apps love to hear from actually actually we have a lot of fun with it. We do we do. How can they reach scratchy. How can they reach to horror. Vein dot com Contact us on the contact page Check out our new store for horror vein merch. Okays there or you. Just go to our facebook page at facebook for slash horror vein very easily. This message there on facebook or twitter twitter at at four vein sounds good so until next time i keep.

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