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Which is a Bryce Harper in Philly walking into Washington to try and play a one game or that would be what we talk about a crucible if something like that happy right but you also? Have you know within four games <hes> let's see within five Games Cincinnati San Francisco Pittsburgh Pittsburgh San Diego. I mean wow you coming in from the Cold Colorado. Arizona Saint Louis in Milwaukee. It really is lit the question I have for you. <hes> AL is is which team <hes> out of everybody needs has to has is to get that big arm pitcher I mean the red sox wanted to Kashmir off the board from Baltimore over the weekend. They struck early. Which team do you think needs to get that big arm to win the world series right now? That's a good question and I think the needs part would have varying degrees if you're telling me of the available start is let's go stroman or Zach wheel or a bumgarner or <hes> you know a map boyd from Detroit you any one of those guys barring that they're or not pitching like a four or five would be a welcome sight at any of the teams including the New York Yankees including <hes> the Houston Astros Astros are intriguing to me because of <hes> you know with Brad Peacock has gone down and Wade Majlis emerging right most recently we know it's Very Lander Garrett Cole but they're in need and here you know their first place by six games over Oakland they could use a starter <hes> the Yankees on one hundred percent convinced that they're going to go out and get somebody to really you know just make them even not much harder to beat <hes>. I do believe that the Yankees go onto the world series the way it is right now the Yankees I think we're going to go back to Nineteen eighty-one Seventy eight rich and see a Yankee dodgers world series a lot of course can happen but <hes> the dodgers to me are just too good into deep and the Yankees are just only GonNa get better. Can I get the seventy eight version out the eighty-one version all right don't mention that is twenty five win seasons. Oh my Gosh Louisiana lightning. Yes one of the best I ever seen period historian. What was the one hundred eighty pounds soaking wet to Al.? I was one seventy four well speaking of <hes> of of throwers here <hes> your son Jack Lighter committed to vanderbilt under built which is again a dirty word in my household right now with a college world series but that's okay why Michigan that's right now. That's okay. It's alright. It only happens with permission once every thirty five years. You know whatever it's it's okay but <hes> so your son was drafted by the Yankees. He's was there any chance of him saying yes to that. I don't know but I appreciated what <hes> they took a fly. They <hes> they took a flyer on Jack Louder just in case he might just come out. I want to play for the Yankees. Yeah listen it. It was very nice. I got drafted out of high school. I did sign with the Yankees <hes>. Do you know there was probably nine or ten teams from what my understanding was. They were GonNa you know do draft him right out of being part of his high school. You know life if you will Damon Oppenheimer who's the scouting director for the Yankees who I really like in his gentleman in his class. <hes> pick them on the twentieth. Pick <hes> listen..

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