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Crisis. By now, the other lady of letters and Tchaikovsky's life von Meck was one of his closest confidants after the disastrous wedding. He fell into a deep depression, and he wrote to her as far as we know von Matt didn't have the full picture of what was going on. She didn't know Tchaikovsky was gay that was the one part of his life. He kept from her. But he seemed to share everything else, including how trapped he felt in his marriage. He wrote to her to pretend for the whole of one's life is surely a unique form of torture. His situation was bleak. Tchaikovsky couldn't stand and be cooped up in his apartment with his new wife. He started going on long walks at night. He would wander the streets of Moscow aimlessly just to not be at home. Then one night he walked straight into the Moskva river it was freezing out he hoped he would die. He'd left a note on the score that he was working on for his fourth symphony. It said simply in the event of my death deliver this to Madame von Meck. Now, this is not how tchaykovsky dies he got wet and cold, but he definitely didn't get pneumonia like he'd planned. This was a wakeup calls. Oh, if things were this bad in his marriage. Why not just call the whole thing off or at least ask your brother to do it? That's right Tchaikovsky sent his brother to break. The news to Antony Cova his wife of just three excruciating months that their marriage was basically over divorce was relatively rare at the time but couple still split up without making it official. This was Tchaikovsky's player. He wanted to keep everything under wraps for the time. Being he worried that a divorce would lead to more rumors about his sexuality, which was the opposite of why he'd gotten himself into the situation in the first place. When Tchaikovsky wrote to von Meck about the break-up. She didn't hold back. She did not like new you're Cova von Mak, even wrote later the thought of you with that woman was unbearable. She went on. I hated her because she did not make you happy. But I would have hated her hundred times more if she had Tchaikovsky is relationship with von Meck only grew more tangled part of their relationship from the beginning had included von met commissioning little pieces from tchaykovsky. Hey knew she was overpaying him for these by a lot. And he had a hunch. It was because she'd heard rumors of his money troubles slowly Tchaikovsky, let on more and more about his financial situation. Hey told on mex- she was the only person in the world. He wasn't ashamed to ask for money. Eventually he popped the question would she do him the honour of becoming his benefactress? Von Mexican him back in through the Aston. Yes. Along with a big chunk of cash. She kept sending money when ever try kofsky needed it soon. They agreed on a fixed annual budget. She'd give him six thousand rubles a year paid out in monthly installments. It allowed tchaykovsky to flee town in Lilo. He knew gossip might spread about his very short marriage and he wanted to be far far away when that happened. So he set off on a trip around Europe. And she kept the ruble's coming all tchaykovsky had to do with keep composing. He started working on Eugenia again. An opera with a very famous scene involving a letter. And while he traveled the letters flew between him and von Meck. They wrote about politics they wrote about religion and philosophy. And of course, they wrote about music. Some of my favorite letters are the ones where they argue. They get into friendly debates about things they were passionate about especially music once on Mak wrote that music could make her feel the same way as a glass of Sherry. What seems like a harmless enough opinion. Right. But Tchaikovsky was seriously offended. He let her know. She was dead wrong. Drinking is about the -ception. He said music on the other hand is about revelation. But then some of their letters were so boring. So mundane that you have to assume that people riding them must love each other because who else could possibly care whether or not it was warm enough to keep the windows open last night, or how long your evening walk was who else would let you bore them like that. And then there are times when the letters sounded downright romantic Tchaikovsky told MAC that he loved her with all the power of his soul. Macro, but how she believed their thoughts. And even their disappointments were linked by the same destiny. In other words, she considered them so mates ones. That would never meet in person shore. But so mates. I did say there was a love story in here. Remember, no swans dancing around. Yeah. But definitely a love story of some kind. In November eighteen seventy seven just four months after his disaster. A wedding tchaykovsky finished his rococo variations.

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