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Album Norma F and Rockwell Norman F- in Rockwell from one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety at off. Oss has also contributed music to her recently released poetry album violent bent backwards over the grass. All right. And While it's not one hundred percent clear. What project to Tulsa Jesus Freak is a part of, yet it seems fairly likely that the song is from Lana del Rey's forthcoming album Kim trails over the country club, a title that was announced along with a September release date earlier this year. So she's got a new album coming out. Kim trails over the country club. That's really a cool title The new Song Tulsa Jesus Freak, the the the the theory right now the the the educated guess right now is that it will be a part of that upcoming album chem trails over the country club. and. Then here's a here's a picture of her. It looks like well, you can just go to her instagram and find all of this out. So let me give you the information again Lana del Rey teases a new track Tulsa, Jesus Freak, the educated guess right. Now, the educated theory right now is that it will be a part of her forthcoming album chem trails over the country club, which will be released in. September. one second here I think I, have. Because, I think they've had some back and forth on this Kim Kim trails over the country. Club is the upcoming seventh studio album by American singer and Songwriter Lana del Rey set to be released on September the fifth twenty twenty. All right. So that's the date I. Don't know I don't know if they pushed this back. Yes. Okay. Yeah. That that seems like they're sticking with that. The reason I'm checking is because during the the whole Kobe nineteenth situation, a lot of albums keep getting pushed back I. Think we're getting past that. Now I think artists are just gonNA. Go ahead and release their. albums. So Kim trails over the country club that will be the new album by del Rey. The new song is called. Tulsa Jesus Freak Tulsa Jesus Freak, which is kind of an interesting title especially in to Tulsa, Oklahoma and its connection with.

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