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You eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is your number to call let's head to the busy calls here on this Friday mid day let's head out to west Babylon it's Lee it's the families currently Hey good morning how are you everybody good morning how are you very good thanks they are first of all I want to congratulate you guys for doing such a good job given that there are no sports being played making an interesting and keeping the the topics gallon so appreciate that you got thanks for tuning in yeah yeah so so my issue is relative to our clear quarterbacks at cetera I think you got to take a step back and recognize that quarterbacks today can play till that thirty seven thirty eight thirty nine years old right because of the way the rules are set up they're much less likely to get hurt there are running backs I think just when you're managing risk paying a running back a big number earlier than you have to doesn't make as much sense that a quarterback which you're more willing to take a risk doctors will likely that you're gonna get longevity out of home is much higher that set yeah I think by the time you get to the third year in the contract for someone like Barkley who is a special player I think you get through you know half of the third year of see what the person south of white and then you make a decision on whether the you know Pam what you think there were just so outlook at a yeah the the what the one thing about that and I appreciate the phone call and it it's a good point about the quarterbacks to you're right about that the rules are set up so that you know of all well if they are good quarterbacks they can play longer and you know obviously we're seeing E. L. both have played their forties a job reason Tom Brady et cetera but you know it's it's so funny because because that's always the risk right because Todd Gurley had a fantastic season and then they pay them and then they found out that he had a degenerative potential you know Norfolk NY so it's it is so risky because even after that third year you might not know everything there is to know about your quote you're running backs health well yeah in order for my M. M. Li thanks a lot for the call buddy listen I I get I get the risk in in looking at at girly I I also think there can be players that are out liars as well and I I think Gurley could prove to be a little bit of an outline of how big of a disaster that contract ended up being from Los Angeles rams indigo also understand was in the ram spend bad money all over the place and went for it and the windows closed and they don't have a bright future because of how many assets they stray in the future but if you drill down just on the girly contract are you ever anyone ever anticipate when he got that money that he wasn't gonna be worth the contract that he was signing at that time ends up having the arthritic knee downturn in production and use and now he's no longer a member of the Los Angeles rams when the rams were looking to try and move him there were only two teams one of those teams really aware of falcons they were interested in acquiring Todd Gurley so he's now free to somewhere everyone to sign but do I think that that story needs to be the case when you look at a guy like a sick one Barkley or other top running backs in the National Football League I don't and I I do feel bad for that position so that I said earlier because I don't think they're handled are treated properly and I do think they're treated interchangeable but for the most part I do think there are guys that can be a little bit more special than others and I think you the giants have one of those guys and Barkley yeah you know the thing about the rams though it really does underscore just sort of you know what the what the trend can be in the NFL which is listed you have a quarterback that you draft number one overall or just say you're there a top pick right does have to be Jared Goff like literally the number one overall pick but you could even say like it did Jones right zero top ten quarterback and the better they do the more likely you're going to have to pay them early on right I mean we're going to see what's going to go on with Pat Mahomes here but obviously he's going to be the biggest example of outlook with the rams of dog like that's another thing that you know is just that the nature of football if your quarterback does well like do you think we're actually in a low back on that Jared Goff contract he's being paid a ridiculous about right now do you think that that's actually a good a good contract no I don't think it is you know I don't think the golf is really that great of a quarterback yet you have no choice if your team that you if your quarterback gets you to a super bowl you have to pay the quarterback and again that trickle down to the running back and you're going to see them get squeezed even more because the better the quarterback does early on the last that's going to take what you know the last slice of the pie that's gonna take for the running backs have triplets like you did out of Dallas in like you do right now have in Dallas with jacket with ZK with Amari Cooper follow what think about Dallas the Moses you know and you know this is being a Washington said they could end up painting themselves into a corner here that might not work because they're franchising back once if you franchise again now he becomes so expensive that you're not be able to afford to keep up yeah I know I I get it but I I think they'll work out eventually to work out a deal with that Prescott but you're right that potentially down the line could that happen yeah that that could happen that would be that would be the worst case scenario I mean the Redskins really didn't want Kirk cousins I do think the Dallas Cowboys do want dak Prescott will in Brooklyn's up next on the family's going I will you guys are you guys doing in there well how you doing well thank you for being on number one I'm one of the only people in the suburbs for the city's let the come to work every day still on these ridiculously empty trains and every day so it's kind of weird but thank you at all well hang in there will thanks for listening and how easy only a million man my both my kids are home with my wife and I rather be here than there so I'm not gonna lie to you about for job well I can understand that trust me I get I get three how many kids you have well oh my god what ages this one just came back from college to be younger to a twelve and nine all boys college twelve and nine yeah you're yeah well you know what a put me on an empty train that rather be dead I'll take that well let me say this I think the giants got into problems when they have final bill Beckham remember all the people said you shouldn't find a receiver Pam all that money and a lot of people saying that same thing about se Kwan but I think that's a clown in a really help there you'll Jones like if you look at the Washington game the last game yeah he went off with like a guy like that can only help him and I know that I think maybe you're saying this and you can only play three positions we played quarterback edge rusher and the tackle but everybody else I think blue saying is you know you're not saying you're saying listen don't tell him I'm you know I'm on the stand that particular point of view well you know well I wouldn't I wouldn't pay top dollar for a running back if I was the general manager of a football team that's not how I would choose to run it because I think that I'm I'm counting on my scouting department it will believe me thank you for the call thank you hang out there it is very difficult conditions and circumstances and and you know what thanks for keeping our city going it's I wouldn't do it was because I I we would rely on my scouting department to say listen I need you to find me a running back in the second or third round and I'm going to need you to find a running back that is tailor made for our team because I'm going to be investing a lot in our quarterback that I've hopefully hit our franchise guy I'm investing a lot in our offense of line and I'm investing a lot in our pass rushing or defense and you know that Washington defense was really quite a you know kind of a shell of itself at the end of your not taking away for anything Barkley did but you know because that was the thought process of drafting Barkley in the first place right he was going to be live in ex best friend he was going to help you live betting it turns out that the giants had so many holes that no matter how good Barkley was his rookie year there was no way that team was going anywhere because it was just not a team that was ready to win yeah and and and I understand the logic of and the running back I think it's one that's kind of taken over with some NFL franchises across a across the league about not paying the running back in those guys being interchangeable and everything like that and not paying the running back be a one of those positions that you're not willing to go above and beyond Maggie and that's fair I do think within within every position I think there are special players and I do think even with the trend in the National Football League being now not paying necessarily the big time running back and that running back having a quarter coach shelf life that there are in that even in those instances there are players that deserve to get paid deserve the love deserve the support that our franchise players in difference makers I think Barkley is one of those guys speaking of which Todd Gurley's gonna sign a one year deal with the Atlanta Falcons so released yesterday a reportedly Todd Gurley one of the teams I was interested in acquiring a via trade with the Los Angeles rams Todd Gurley a former Georgia bulldog we know that a star collegiately in the SEC for Georgia was going back home into his homes college state and he's going to sign a one year deal with the Atlanta Falcons yep George Shultz said that news we got Paul Schwartz coming up straight away talk a little more giants football with Paul of course they signed a backup quarterback in colt McCoy so not expecting a lot of competition for Daniel Jones they're the number one spot but it did they do sign up back up we'll talk about the sake while Barkley and his future a whole lot more to get to you with Paul Schwartz of the New York Post coming up next Moussa Maggie with you on a Friday feted York ten ten wins A..

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