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And I don't mean he gives it the finger. He does a flip off a truck. Hey, fuck you. I just realized how that sounds. Fuck you, truck, and then Kurt Angle comes. He's like, what are you talking about? The $12 million. It just walks away, and we never see kernel ever again. He gone. Ever. Again. Hit by a bus crossing the freeway. At least we had Kurt Angle back then to laugh at, I know. Everyone, they're here. They're here. Yeah. That's so good. And then get better wishes and then just them texting backstage. I have a son. He is black. Wait, Kurt Angle? I did fuck from el. Oh my God. Yes. You did. Yes. So Reggie flips. He tells Dana, no need to be alarmed. I'm a pussy. What? I'm sorry, he says, I just wanted to say it was very impressive. The move you did on Cedric to win the 24/7 title across body? Very impressive. Like the first move you learned jumping off the top rope. Right. Across by that someone's finisher. Yeah. Dana Brooke and Nikki cross. Yeah. It's a crossbody match for the title. First hit a crossbody. And then you drop even does a crossbody finish. But it's just not off that any turnbuckle. The chain. So he tells Dana, I must admit that title looks pretty good on you. Then Tamina runs up, but Reggie gets in her way to let Dana escape. So she has one, one, woman after her. One person. One person. That's it. You can't roll up a woman, R truth. Yes, you're gonna stop PG. You can't. We've had women hold the 24/7 title. So a man has beaten a woman. Look, if you don't want to make contact, just give her a water with a fucking roofy in it. Then wait for her to pass out. Wow. And then way worse. That's definitely worse. Eric. That's pinner. That's definitely not PG Eric. Attitude error. Yeah. He pins her after that. Where it's like one, two, three. Hey, you're the winner. Okay, great. You can go rough. I'll make sure she actually, I'd rather I'd rather stay. Okay, buddy, come on in. He's like, okay, Brad, Maddox. Just don't be alarmed and cured as I was jerking off in the corner over there right there. Like a ninja. He's wearing carrying crosses, gift masks. Comedy bulls. WWE have porn parody. Yeah. That's it. Yeah. Next up, we have the main event, live Morgan versus Becky Lynch for the raw women's championship. Yeah. Boy did they really want us to think that Liv was winning that. They really did. They played a long video package of lives life before the match growing up with no father, her mother was the mother of 6. They interviewed her. They also played Lena beating Trish stratus for the women's championship in the main event of raw back in 2004 and they even said it was 17 years to the day. Jesus Christ. They really wanted us. This reminded me of when Big E that raw were biggie kept saying, I'm gonna cash in the contract tonight. I'm gonna cut and they just just for a ratings. They told everyone that big he was winning the title tonight. Yeah. And I was like, oh, maybe they are doing this. Maybe they're doing it tonight. Then live came out. I was fished in. Yeah, me too. Mark pizzano right here. Right. 'cause she came out and she even did like, I guess she's a really good actress. But she made like the face like she was great. A really big deep breath. Very emotional. This is my moment. Yeah. They worked us. They worked us pretty good. Oh, they did. They worked us over. Yeah. See what it is. They did hard. Very hard. Live hit Becky with a nice suicide dive cross body and again, I know I usually say I usually hate suicide dives, but she didn't just dive out of the ring and push her. She cross bodied onto her, amazing. And they fell. Like, you actually did something. Right. You made it worthwhile. Right. Becky had lived with her leg drop off the second rope. I wonder if she did that suicide dive cross body 'cause lita did it to Trish in that match of 2004. Probably. But that was where lita broke her neck or whatever. Wow. Hitting that spot. Maybe the girls didn't tell everyone. They just did it themselves. That's a hell of a spot for that to happen again. It is. Yeah. But they did it a lot safer than Lena did certainly. Becky hit live with her leg drop off the second rope. Liv hit her springboard codebreaker. But in the end, Becky rolls up live and holds on to the bottom rope to retain son of a just like she beat Charlotte. And they cut to a little girl in the crowd who was mad and holding back tears. It reminded me of angry miss girl from like ten years ago. Just showing that the crowd and the fans do want this. Right. So I guess we have an angry Liv girl now, but yeah, we do. Like, I'm okay with this. Yeah, as long as two things happen. Right. Liv Morgan wins the Royal Rumble. And she beats Becky at WrestleMania. Of course. Correct. Fingers crossed. She held the ropes. There's a reason to move on. I can see them going through a journey because this is a when did Kofi start his journey. Around now, then he went to but really the Elimination Chamber, but feeling in was when he really came momentum. Right. So can they slow play this until mania? I mean, she also won the world. Yeah, yeah, you only have to wait. But the rumbles when? Because February? No, no, no, it's still the energy. 'cause what do heels always say? Well, you lost, so back of the line. Yeah. When the rumble. Yeah. Exactly. I think we have some hope here. You know, I don't think they don't think they did this for no reason. Why do all this build us up? And this is what, you know, I think this is what you should do. I'd rather her win at WrestleMania than just a raw, you know, 100%, 100%. So as long as they do it, can you imagine live main events night one of mania and wins? That's unheard like if you said this 6 months ago, we were like, there's no fucking way. There's no fucking way this happens. Vince is gonna do commentary? Yeah. Good girl. Let's.

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