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I I did did that a little bit yesterday on the way back twenty six miles. I was like getting Kinda Tucker out but it's also the way I set it up so I mostly we have been riding it on low and medium because I still want to do a little bit of the work. If I would set this thing on high it would do most of it and I would just kind of be turning any my legs. I think so I keep it on low and medium for the most part and the battery you haven't had issues with battery dying yet now not yet and and let's go ahead and I don't think I would even when I came back yesterday. After doing the twenty six miles I still had juice left in it. It was so it reads it in like four dots full too low and then I guess once at one and so I was on the last thought when I returned but I'm not one hundred percent sure how much of the battery was left. That's that's a long ride twenty six math no I don't. I don't think I would ever go further than that. I think that's I mean you're still sitting on a bike that amount of time and and why like seats can't be more comfortable but they're not they're just not. I was talking to Julie about it yesterday and she was. I'm saying that that would be hurt. Issue not with the writing part with an e bike but sitting on the seat for that on Yep now this one surprisingly using lineup so I bought a seat for my old folding bike because I didn't like the one that came with that at all. It was very uncomfortable so I bought a big memory foam type of seat and I figured I would just take that seat it off and put it on the new echo. The one that came with the ego trip is actually more comfortable than the seat that I went out and bought a typically as an upgrade on the other other bike came with it like that in order that special earning now. It's just the came with it. It's just got a little bit better padding and size wise. It's it's just a better more comfortable seat but it's still bicycle. See I mean you just look at a bicycle seat and no it's not comfortable. Here's the way their shave is just like like this can't be fixed. Ho but yeah I didn't they being old the ball you have no problems uh-huh putting it in your storage bays or anything like it fits in the fits in the back of the RV so I can fold it up. It's actually got a quick release. Men Out sound like commercial and I wish I was I might have to contact these people but it's got a quick release on the on the front wheel which I've I never had before so you just ever folded up if you still need it to be in a little bit more compact. It's just quick release and you pop the front. Wheel often gets even smaller. I has unconfirmed panel's mall space. Yeah I haven't found anything about the bike so far haven't liked. Actually there is one thing. There's no place to put a water bottle. Battle like a lot of times spikes will come with like even if it doesn't have a water bottle. It'll have like the two screws this doesn't it doesn't it doesn't even have the screw holes. It doesn't have the screw holes for it's an aluminum frame but I don't think that would be a reason of why not too so I would say. That's my one complaint about is that there's no place for me too so I I did order from Amazon that just uses like a and zip tie but like a vow crow loop system so it's just on wraparound that Bar Self Titan I guess but it would have been nice to just have a normal now that I couldn't go on any any store and just bought one that screwed into it. I wrote holes and all that but then I was like man messing. I don't WanNa trump has written it yet now. She's been on night shift since I bought it and she does not like bike riding at all so I'm hoping she she's off today and tomorrow maybe maybe tomorrow. I'll take her out on a bike. I'll take my old bike. I'll let her ride a new bike and I think she's a song. Get on it and laugh. I think she's on enjoy. It will have to come back and talk about maybe if she she does or she didn't. I want her to get one as well so that we can go riding together. She's never had any when I when I first met. She owned a bike bike. She said that she had installed for ten years because she just never liked it. When we lived in Roanoke we both bought bikes. We went out a couple of times together and she was like now. I'm done this is why I never she's like. I let you talk me into getting the bike and I wrote a couple of times with like it so I'm hoping though because of ought because this bike has an option of like full throttle she I mean it's just a ride. It does twenty miles an hour so it. She doesn't need pedal. She can just go out and enjoy the scenery. These by cats are really nice. You're you're running along river. You can see mountains and a lot that greenery. There's a bird sanctuary that you can arc and just walk your bike through if you want. It's just a great area for for bikers. I'm not go on and look online to see just how many miles of trails they actually out here because it's amazing and and the Nice thing too about these sales in the location of the decay. La Is that I'm looking out my window and I can see shrouds like the trial is maybe ten yards from our site. So it's a couldn't be more convenient. Andy's trails actually link up stores like you could take a bite drowned. It leads you to a home depot or Costco or the seven eleven or all these different stores to Josh Marcet. These had that actually yeah. I'm liking it now now. I'm Oh yeah I'm hoping. He said he's now that. I have his bike that I'm I'm having fun writing because before I would ride the bike and I would. I would enjoy bike ride. I always have I mean I've always known a bike. As long as I can remember all the way back to might you know tricycle. It's always been like a level of work. You know to get to where you're going and it's always been a little bit of balance of you. It's always been a balance of more work than fine and this is despite flips it so this is like more fun than Work Yeah No. That's that's why I am looking at him. It's Great Sean if you pick up an electric bike. I think there's such a an I actually get this term from James from the V. I was talking to him about electric bikes and he said you know there's a we factor to an electric bike. You just get on it and you're like we so right and he's big. I mean if you don't know James's from therapy. He's a yeah yeah is while he's obviously added but he's like a bike sick bicycle enthusiasts you know he's even gone overseas and done bicycle races and stuff like that so when you okay yeah so when I was talking to him about it I was like I was thinking in my head. This guy's on land for even bringing up an electric dome but he's a now. I've tried electric vice. He's like they're fun and yeah yeah and as you're traveling. It's a great way to see things outside of your car. You know yeah. It's a nice feeling to be out in the wind kind of feeling and seeing being worked with these trails you know. I got the bunny rabbits Ryden and running and jumping all around around you and the birds. There's a lot of different like weird looking birds out here that I haven't seen or it's a much more natural setting than yet and driving in your car town yeah. I hope you you get one. I think you'll I think you'll love it now. I'm hoping by our trip to Fort Wilderness. We'll have our be perfect wrote. Fort Wilderness holderness one point five miles long one point five miles wide campground. That's the perfect place for for bike an and that's part of the reason why I got this you too because he's got this big fat four inch wide tire with knobby and everything so it'll be great for going around campgrounds when they're not perfectly not all most game grounds are not perfectly paved some aren't paved at all you know a lot of Bert and on my other bike I could ride it around campgrounds if they had a decent amount of taxpayer dirt or paving but if it got kind of choppy than my other bike just you know it just wasn't made for that but this bike is made for snow sand loose for all that stuff so I'll be able to get so much more use out of Boston yeah yeah. It's been a lot of fun so he go try. Give you're listening already bought the bike at herself. US okay well. Thanks everybody for joining us and like like we said earlier. If you have any pet peeves or etiquette tips of your own please leave a comment or go on our website and send us a message bench. If you have an electric bike would like to hear about that as well like what what kind of bike you have if you like it if you would recommend it I think they're they're growing in popularity in the community and so the more information the better and that we can share with each other so until two weeks weeks from now safe travels narrate. Everybody take care..

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