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On the business in Dr brick, nobody's coming to me and saying, please do this. Right. Please spend all weekend reading books and all the books, you've read, I've got some seriously, not fun books over here about search engine optimization. I've gone through nine of them so far. And I've taken that kind of note to they're all being put into this book and that thing's going to be hot, but Dr brick working on your business can be hard. Sometimes, I think without a coach for some it's impossible. Well, yeah, I think a lot of ways you wouldn't even know where to begin there, it is already know. Like I said, I was putting out the fires, and I didn't have enough of a perch or view to be able to see what's going to be coming next. And what am I not seeing because I'm just so busy with my head spinning trying to get through today? Jason on Saturday. What did we do what time did we meet up on Saturday, and what were we doing, and who was with us, so Saturday, we had all of the newer, coaches, and senior Jonathan, and we met at thrive at five AM. Technically, four forty five and for about four forty five to nine fifteen nine thirty. We just ran through training on properly assigning action items, but also understanding how Google canonical compliance is interesting. A lot of our clients have no idea. Do these boot camps, right? I was I worked with you guys a lot on rhetoric because what happens is or how you communicate because what happens is Jason. Let's do a pop quiz here. What are the four variables that impact? Somebody's search engine. That is a great question. First and foremost, G four variables that affect somebody's search engine. Teacher. They are the most original HTML content. Nice. The most Google reviews the most Google conical compliance into the most Google will compliance. Now again. Did you know those things before you started working with those two years ago, I did not. And what company, did you start working for two years ago, I started working for elephant in the room and what was your position you originally hired for I was hired onto a manager. But did basically assistant managing call center and then manage, and then you've got promoted to what job superman injure, what does that mean? That means I oversaw, the three locations in the corporate, quote, unquote. Yup area, and then also stats emotional management's all that. And then you got promoted again to do what to coach interesting. So, but he, he did not know these skills before I did not now he does very interesting. Dr break, I was looking at the, the up the patriots dirty move. They just did this year. You hear about the dirty move to move on. So good. We've got a guy on our team. I'll pull it up here. So you can see this guy. He's perhaps, the most athletic man I've ever seen on the big screen here. Seems Jamie Collins and he Bill chick schemed together to come up with this play watch this play. It's going to blow your mind. It's so dirty. And so good. Here we go. Watch us move..

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