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As a business partner of trump personal attorney michael cohen has agreed to cooperate with state and federal prosecutors as a potential witness correspondent karen schedule says the move could be a stepping stone for special counsel robert muller's investigation manhattan which is investigating michael cohen started their investigation in part as a referral from special counsel robert muller's team now the us attorney's office that they're looking at to michael cohen personal financial dealings and it's part of that search warrant that was executed by fbi last month they were looking specifically at information relating to colin's taxi medallion business and some of his business partners that it's legal team also trying to narrow the scope of any interview between special counsel robert muller and president trump candidate for governor in georgia is one step closer tonight becoming the nation's first female black female governor stacey abrams easily won the democratic nomination for governor of the state tuesday evening abrahams is a former minority leader in the georgia state house she defeated former state representative stacey evans on other potentially dangerous gases how threatening residents in the shadow of hawaii's kilowatt volcano jim roope explains ready residents have been dealing with in cautioned about sulfur dioxide levels of which have increased threefold and warned of hydrochloric acid in the socalled lays which also includes glass particles and now with lobby dangerously close to a natural gas plant the possibility of toxic and flammable hydrogen sulfide could be released into the air if lava reaches those wells most of which have been quenched and cap a suspect barricaded himself at a panama city florida perpet is dead police say they found forty nine year old kevin holroyd's body after exchanged gunfire with police officers tuesday walton county sheriff officials say the incident is tied to a suspicious death in santa rosa beach where body was discovered inside a home i'm elliot francis.

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