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Is as frustrated as you get the goodness of America, the goodness and decency and hard work, and responsibility and sacrifice. That's on display by the American people every single day in their communities all across this. Gate country all across this great state, people of every walk of life. It doesn't matter whether they're white or black or Hispanic or Asian or native American whether they're disabled whether they are gay or straight. There are people all across this country that want to do things better that want to work together. You know, I've gone through this many many times over the past. I mean, if you really look at the history, and you look at the in this frustrates the living daylights out of me because every to every four years every election. I always say the same thing Republicans will be accused of racism Republicans will be accused of sexism and misogyny, racist, homophobic, xenophobic Islamaphobia. They want dirty air is Obama one said their plan is for dirty air and dirty water. No. We don't dirty air water or similarly that Republicans want children to die or granny over the cliff. Because if you don't support their big government policies, you must be heartless. You know, when it goes back while I mean, we played earlier in the program. You know, the ad the radio, Adam, Missouri. Nineteen ninety eight you elect Republicans. Well, black churches are going burn our black crosses or black. Crosses are going to be burned on black churches that was in. You know, horrible added nine hundred ninety eight.

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