Earl, Donald Trump, President Trump discussed on Duncan Trussell Family Hour


Living this i don't know what you call it man these people seem to be in a different dimension or something yeah and the and some of them like earl actually a lot of them have just like this glaze over their eyes where it is almost like coltish you know where they're just they're just by in it and just like eating it up everything they have the say and just not questioning it that is what terrifies me and widen i love about what you're showing us is that it that level of can dish inning or or i don't know what would you call it is brainwashing or because it's not just cause heart adoga uncle had gun no please i i think it's just comes down to looking they have the answer you know they have there's this problem that often they put out there you know like the world's going to end or the you know the democrats are taking this country into the hole and we have the vote for trump because he's gonna guidance you know out of this mess or or whatever it is so they create this problem put it out there and then they also offer a very simple solution you know like if you buy these buckets and you by my bibles and you buy my buckets of bibles and in and you have all this and you prepare you're ready to go then that problem solved and in the mean there in the middle getting all the money and i and i see you know trump is in the same arena as that if you want to get political you know yes he's is um you know it like say no the problem with this country is is all the immigration the mexicans it seems like he creates this problem he creates the enemy but then he also offers a very simple solution of a wall which you know the like okay there's the wall and then the instead of money he gets to be the president you know that so it's say i also by being present he does give money to because he charges the taxpayers the the fund is.

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