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Way you're thinking say how scientists come up with ways of peering into our mind that avoid that problem will have a and then i started thinking about what is thought so we talking about analysts cool deliberate thoughts or do emotions play a part exactly the definition tho is also a big stumbling bihac fifth get too bogged down i think it's time to talk to a psychologist to see how they go about approaching such a huge topic my name is suit on a professor of tacoma psychology society of university bristol on my research expertise is studying conceptual development in yangzhou so all listener romany wants to know whether we think in words all if we think in things like concepts or images councils you help us with this question will absolutely it's one of the really important questions which is what is consciousness and the mechanisms of it so for many decades nelson quotas will be interested in a way that we think trying to study a measure that so whether we think in words or are otherwise as she will move major questions just to step back a minute how'd you define thought i mean what are we talking about here well let's big one is that how to what is cautiousness i mean that's one major full of glands scientific questions of rural struggling to try and unravel the moment i at what i refer to as the experience of the here and now as you're listening to my voice you're hearing word said you're you're targeting them an understanding the mini what i'm saying it slipped stream of processing is what psychologist searches through the how'd you get from sound waves in two words men break those words up at demeaning to give you another example if i asked to the listeners to tried moschner bedroom that's does not with words let's them with mental pictures so that would be an example of thinking which doesn't he's works i'll people even often aware of that because i myself i'm thinking of how i think and that's quite a mindboggling question in itself well that's true and that's why psychology experimental psychology has devised technique thanks to try and basically these sorts of questions and it might be a case of.

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