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I'm Lisa Brady fox news a bipartisan call for action coming from a house committee hearing where the brother of George Floyd villainous is among those testifying the day after laying his brother to rest he gave the little baby head to help others he was our job to giant I was reminded of that when I watched the video of his murder house Democrats say the reform bill they proposed this week may be renamed in for its owner they also say it's not an indictment of police that most officers do their job with honor but that national standards are needed ranking Republican member Jim Jordan the American people understand it's time for a real discussion real debate real solutions about police treatment of African Americans but he says it's crazy to call FOR de funding police and frightening of democratic lawmakers don't speak out against that the White House is working with Senate Republicans on proposals that the president is also considering executive action in Minneapolis where Floyd was killed members of the city council want to dismantle the police department and come up with a new public safety system the police chief announcing his own plan saying he won't let George Floyd's death be in vain Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo says the department can absolutely see change for the good what our city needs now more than ever is a pathway in a plan that provides hope reassurance and actionable measures of reform chief Arredondo says the department is starting with a withdrawal from police union contract negotiations to start from scratch boxes yet but also the chief says that's not about wages and benefits but about seeking reforms including changes to better hold officers accountable Britain's prime minister concerned about people who live alone during the pandemic just easing another lockdown restriction to allow visits between households for adults living alone or single parents America is listening to fox news well both three at newsradio one oh five five W. E. R. R. C. the city of Montgomery's become the first in the state to sign on to a national campaign designed to reduce the use of force by police officers Reginald green has more on those cities in Alabama have seriously considered defunding their police department the city of Montgomery has become the first to adopt all age recommendations of the eight can't wait campaign which is a new national initiative created in response to the death of George Floyd the eight can't wait campaign is a list of strategies designed to reduce the use of force including a ban on the use of troll calls shooting at moving vehicles and de escalating confrontations with police verbally instead of using physical force mayor Steve reed announced Tuesday that the city and its police department had joined the campaign he did not provide specifics as to how the reforms would be implemented I'm Reginald green following the death of George Floyd there are calls to de fund of the police at the Birmingham city council meeting several speakers talked about cuts to public safety I don't want to pay for boats anymore I want to pay for health the robust health which is derivative of systemic justice but the chairman of the council's public safety committee hunter Williams says these calls to defund the police are misguided general fund.

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