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By the countless generations of Christians who came before us to see for yourself. Stop by or go to our savior, Hartland dot ORG to learn more. Again, that's our save your heart. Dot org. God be with you families hit by drug addiction already know how difficult this problem is to solve in many cases. Addicts have tried multiple twenty eight day or twelve step programs that did not work Narconon freedom center believes that addiction is neither inherited curable disease. That requires indefinite treatment or medication for the rest of a person's life Narconon freedom centers, drug addiction program consists of unique techniques to assist addicts to overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and the damaging effects to an addict's life. This is done naturally. And there is no substitution drug to handle one. Drug addiction by inheriting. Another Narconon freedom centers goal is for each individual to achieve and maintain. Long-term success any family member or loved one of an addict, please do not hesitate to call Narconon freedom center at five one seven six two nine six seven four nine and reach out for help. That's five one seven six two nine sixty seven forty nine. We are in this battle together. And as a team. We can fix the problem of addiction. Hello friends. I wanna tell you about Japanese auto professional service. I've been going to these guys since nineteen eighty two. And the reason I keep going back consistently is because of the best mechanics in Ambra there at five six three south main street in Ann Arbor, seven three four nine nine six four six zero six since nineteen seventy nine. Japanese auto professional service has been taking great care of Toyota Honda. Nissan, Subaru Hyundai Kia cars. This is the place friends. I'm thorough. Tony my auto mechanics. They should be used as Japanese auto professional service seven three four nine nine six four six zero six..

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