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Of the John MacCulloch show are brought to you, in part by Trump Card. At them one on 1.5 km 1400 patriot. We're discussing. I guess as best we can The Plot. To kidnap And I don't know what else. The governor of state of Michigan. And Trying to figure out at least from my end of the picture. What is that? The goal, Wass Were they trying to do? Are they trying to accomplish? Why Kidnapping. The governor. Of the state of Michigan. What possible purpose would that serve? In all of this. Can you think of one? I can't. Maybe you can share it with mad love to hear it. 809 23 93 85 That's 809 to 3 W D T K Here is Paul up next here on the Patriot High ball, Go ahead. Good evening, John. I don't like the other callers. I don't I don't believe it at all. I think it's been cooked up. It's a story. I don't believe it. I don't think is right around election time. It's too close to that time for something like this happen, and, uh They want to go after guns. They want to go after trump finishes. I think this is this is one of the things that they want to do. So you believe this whole thing as Hey. Some sort of a You know, to be very honest with you, Paul. I never Gave that a second thought. Never thought for a minute. That this whole thing was a farce. I'm Perhaps naive. To be honest with you. It never crossed my mind. What would be the motive that Well, this is they get attention off of other things, Also other, you know things that are going on. And they like like the other college. It's a false flag. This is something to draw attention to something else. Hello. I'm writing this down. So I could drive myself crazy tonight. All right. I'm going to leave it at that. And see if anyone else comes up with some reinforcement for that. Four. Comes up with Cem Cem background. That would give us Hey. It would give us some Reinforcement for Saying, Yeah, that that it was just like this that happened in 18 22 or we or whatever. I'm not setting it aside completely. As ah. Some sort of goofy idea. I'm just saying, we'll put this in the idea file. Which is a file of jars I have over in the corner. I Right. I think it's way too risky. For that kind of thing. It's just My personal feeling. I think it's way way too risky. But then again, That's me. And I'm just a Talk guy. On the radio to appreciate your call. Oh, will put you in that file and thank you very much hope to talk to you again. 893 93 85. That's 809 to 3. W D T K Here is Mark next on the Patriot. I mark Go ahead. Hello, John. Hey. Hi. You're going in and out. Sorry. Sorry. I have nothing to do with the provider, you know, but anyway, simplified from our old friend, Mark Scott. And, you know, talking about this old This whole thing. The timing of this is very suspect, like someone already mentioned so close to the election and the reason Past that that I question it. It's not as if There haven't been a number of of hoax claims from the left. You know what I mean? Mostly. That someone has been abused because they were black. And then it turns out to be a big lie. And then the other thing is how serious were these people? Uh, that they claim did this I mean, did they have military training anything for more than six months or a year? I mean, these are not serious people, and I tend to think That maybe they took some crazy. You know, talking people from online and decided they were gonna You know her? The governor's Lynch mob. Go get these people and they went and got him. And that's really all I have to say about that. Thanks for your call. Appreciate your joining us 809 23 93 85 That's 809 to 3 w. D. T K. I don't know. By the way, I have no answers. On this one. I'm sitting here still bewildered. As to what actually is going on. What was going on? Do you think is going on now? As these Individuals. Who have been arrested. These individuals. I'm all over it. What they attempted to do. And Try to come up with some explanation. To those around them. I I don't get it. And I know I say that a lot. But that's okay. Because I don't get a lot of what is going on around us today. This one. Is a baffler. What possible Possible purpose. What possible reason? They knew what they were successful. What was step two. What if they were successful? Suppose they managed to kidnap The governor of the state of Michigan. They've got her tied up in the trunk now. There they are. Driving around state of Michigan. With the governor of the state of Michigan. The back of the SUV. All locked up. Plenty of air. Her driving around. Okay, So what's Step two? Where do they go from there? It's a gold. 809 23 93, and I'll bet you're nobody's got an answer for that. 893 93 85 That's 809 to 3 w. D. T K John MacCulloch show more of your calls coming up. Here on the Patriot now on time, traffic and.

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