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Is party. Mom. Welcome back studio. Twenty two the Chad prayed, their show. We are podcasting right here from blaze studios. Bob Steinhorn, always always, I got the sweetest note today from a lady, let me pull her name up here in second. She said when I ask your permission, she said, got a group girls, we listen to the podcast, we're gonna start selling stuff at the farmer's market. When donate proceeds to the various causes that. Oh, gosh. I'll have to go. Find her name is in one of my message boxes. And she said, we want to start giving the proceeds to the different charities and causes the child talk about on the Chad Prager show want to make sure that, you know, you and your wife okay with that. And they weren't going to call it the prey -ther PT's party timers. Yes. I like it a little podcast group is fun. So going to sell some, you're going to sell stuff at the farmers market down able. Yeah. A portion or the funds funds the proceeds whatever they choose to do. That's their business. But yeah, do a live show a sweet. Where do you want to do a live show at their farmers market? We'll, maybe we'll find out there and hang out with them. I love Nelly. Just comes up with ideas. Like let's go do a live show because she has to do a show up. Everybody else has to break microphones and cameras and lights and all that stuff yet at a restaurant, so we can eat too. All right. Anyway, so party foul. Steve is over there. Why is it so hard for us to find graphic designers, we tried so hard to find some people who want to work artists that want to make designs, we will give you the idea to make T shirts? Don't even start sending me messages. Like we'll do we'll do it 'cause I artist just don't wanna work, and I see made me think of that, because I'm seeing the t shirt over there that you're wearing from Ye apparel, which, of course, is, was released by our friends, Grainger, and amber Smith after the tragic loss of their son river, and, of course, it says rib on the back of the low track hoe there. And so they've raised about two hundred thousand dollars they've donated to the children's hospital and tragic tragic deal sad deal. But you just couldn't ask for to better people in how they handle the loss of their child with grace and, and just just fortitude than mean you know, you know, one can imagine the hurt and the pain. So our hearts, go out and certainly appraisers, we've given our love to Grainger in amber. But go to Ye apparel dot com. Pick up one of those rift shirts. These are sold out right now but they are coming out with a new line in the fall. Yeah, that a same thing. Proceeds will be done. Gated. Yeah. We'll support Grainger Smith. I mean grainger's great musician and a great friend. And we've done a lot of fun stuff with him. And he just a good dude. And we were down at their little at their distribution center and the ranch down there. Messing around for the latest video they did you know, the kids were down there play in and stuff. So it's a tragic said deal, but anyway, and you can't think of a better model than party foul to show that shirt off, of course parts Royal. I'll look at it. Look at that specimen wanna may. You must take good Roman. You must use Roman. I Of know. whether needed or not. That's right. I'll.

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