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Industry when I was looking for a way to dress myself After having used okay. That's going diets and gaining the way Again and again. I decided that. I wanted to learn how to live in my body because like i was actually just flat so i said okay. Let's try to to to be my myself. And my buddy and what i was really struggling with was Getting dressed so i'm sitting on internet Like fifteen years ago or even more than that where to find shoes because i wear white teachers and halting side closing precise quizzing and i just go online Cheese and And it was the beginning of the broaching team And from that. I go over the stores and brands which were in the usa in the uk. That's how i decided to go drivers. Us to get dressed I've my brother lives there. He'd be reliving the us for more than twenty years. So every time. I went from holidays. I could go shopping. And that's how i became Also and that's what that to to get a closing. Pin cross now What is the difference between the plus size community in france From the community in america. Ooh the difference Is that we are not allowed in In france we is You know there. Is this image of the french girl who is asleep and why and blown and smoking and heavy aggressive and that's everytime you are talking to someone. And how do you the frenchwoman. We described this woman. We never described someone like me and so many of the freshmen could has accepted that. This is how we are supposed to be so if we don't have closing for us if This society doesn't want it's okay so we are not allowed about that and that's everything that i am working against a now that i also have some a privilege You mentioned i can talk in the press. I ever think for people to be louder and yes it's stopping just to to be different. We have just in the beginning of kind of revolution. So you think it's more accepted in america then france. i think it's maybe my sector. But also in america i feel like The grants know that they actually need to have money. So it's business so they bring us the closing and as industry is working a lot But in france that they would prefer that we sent all our veggies Outside the country in the uk or the us and not do that in fourth mostly interested in. Yeah so we're has been some of your biggest accomplishments as a blogger and influence her I think it's maybe about my book that has just released like.

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