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At least that's the way she was billed though days cases more recent and should be easier to verify any backstory. Being offered by someone trying to sell tickets has to be taken with no pun intended a grain of salt. O.`day passed through the hands of at least four showman with names like hoot black and gold tooth Jimmy and was viewed in thirty eight states plus parts of Canada before being sold to Boswell in nineteen seventy five. He removed her from the traditional coffin in which she had been displayed because it offended the public which is a funny place to draw the line and he put her in the Palace of wonders. Alongside shrunken heads and animals. With too many body parts O. Tail may be less like the natural mummies we featured way back in Episode Sixteen Mummies Day and more like mccurdy and Farris that of a body with no one to claim it according to an account from W. F. Dub one of the first people to Exhibit O'Day I. The body was numb. Bombed body of some woman and the red hair was for real. I really don't know how she died. I don't think Marie ever saw the Great Salt Lake and I doubt she was ever even in the State of Utah. I heard a lot of stories about where she came from. And I don't know which one is the truth. The one that sounds the best is that she was found dead sitting in the waiting room of a bus station in Mississippi. There was no idea on her body or in her handbag but she was well-dressed and looked like class. The undertaker assumed someone would show up to claim her body and it would only be a matter of days until he could be rid of her well. The days turned into weeks then months then years and still no one showed up. After so much time had passed a traveling showman came by and offered him something for her. It seemed like a good idea to sell and recover. Something better still to be rid of her so he sold to owners later. Who Black Feast a problem? Not with the law but with rats during the off season when he wasn't on the road with O'Day black had to find a safe place to keep her he didn't want to risk the rats that habituated his storage shed getting to her so he would wrap O'Day up and sort her for the winter under the bed he shared with his wife. I'm willing to assume the wife knew about it because the human body is somewhat more conspicuous than say that Xbox your wife told you you couldn't afford when on the road. O.`day traveled in relative style in a specially converted semi truck boasting Marie. Oh Days Palace car on the side all linked to it in the show notes. If you don't see a link at me as the kids say on twitter at brain on facts pod or facebook or Instagram at your brain on facts black sold to Boswell who had O'Day until his death in two thousand and two. It was about this time that O'Day was examined by college. Professors Ron Beckett and Jerry on Lok for the NAT. Go show the mummy roadshow. They took O'Day to the Radiology Department at Wilson Medical Center North Carolina. Where a cat scan and tissue biopsies were taken in hopes of confirming or refuting the legends surrounding Maria. Day. With a sideshow money. There had to be a story to bring the people in says Kamoke for the carnivals. The story was more important than the mummy itself following a full day of studying and analyzing test results. The professors concluded that O.`day had more likely died from tuberculosis and not violent murder. Also that the modification resulted from using arsenic to embalm the body. Because the amounts found in the tissue for several hundred times the normal concentration. It seems that O'Day has passed the Boswell son and has been in storage ever since she fearing nearly had a shot at either returning to fame were finally being laid to rest when she was among the goods being appraised by Mike and Frank of the TV show American pickers. They passed on O'Day but did spend six hundred dollars on a wax. Elvis most of the bodies on this list brought in money for someone anyway after they died but one entrance was also a source of profit during her life. Julia Pastrana was born in the mountains of western Mexico. Eighteen thirty four. Her life was defined by her appearance. She was entirely covered with thick dark hair. Except for the palm super hands and cels her feet due to a condition called generalized hypertrichosis and the shape of her face was distorted by Ginger Ville Hyperplasia thickening of the lips and gums. The STRANA also had a very prominent brow with thick arched eyebrows an unusually broad nose and uneven teeth. Her mother was convinced that some sort of supernatural force was to blame her daughter's appearance. Such as Hollis sheep shifting where wolves of folklore that were said to cause stillbirths and deformities young. Julia spent the first few years of her life sequestered with her mother in a cave and then in an orphanage though some accounts have Pastrana being sold by an uncle to a circus after learning of her the state governor adopted Tuleya to serve as a sort of live in entertainer there. At least she was given an Education. She learns multiple languages in the arts as well as the manners of high society. She stayed in the governor's home until she was twenty when she decided to return to her village however Pastrana never completed her journey on her way home she encountered American showman who persuaded her to perform on stage soon after she began her career in the United States in Europe. Taking part in traveling. Freak shows and circuses though her singing and dancing were quite capable. That was what people pay to see. Astronomy was billed under names like the woman the baboon lady the nondescript or the bear woman from the wilds of Mexico. One newspaper account from the time said the eyes of this unusual Natura beaming with intelligence while its jaws jagged. Fangs and ears are terrifically hideous. Nearly its whole frame is coated with long glossy hair. It's voice is harmonious for the semi human being is perfectly docile and speaks Spanish language. The idea of Strana as a semi human was established by Dr Alexander Mont who examined her and declared her to be the hybrid of a human ended arena. Ten at the time rang. Itunes were considered to be the wildest and most primitive of primates with dangerous sexuality. Other doctors refuted this ridiculous claim but Pastrana's PR was based on it sharing promotional materials. That underlined her animalistic otherness in. She was described as originating from a tribe of route digger Indians who were spiteful and hard to govern living with animals and being intimate with them basically racism as your main or only selling point despite all of this though the Strana was a kind hearted gentle intelligent young woman. She loved to travel cook and so and willingly submitted herself to examinations by doctors before she was brought to Europe the Strana secretly married her next manager. Theodore lent many believed that she was genuinely in love while lint married her to ensure his golden goose never got away in eighteen fifty seven in Germany Pastrana appeared on stage in a play written especially for her the promotional posters for the show gave her quite a grotesque appearance with exaggerated red lips similar to depictions of African Americans. At the time. When the German audience saw Pastrana they considered the show to be in bad taste and rejected it outright to the point that police had to be called in to stop the show. That's right Germany. Found this whole situation to distasteful in January eighteen. Sixty while touring Russia. The STRANA gave birth to a baby boy also covered in hair by her manager husband. The delivery did not go well fully. Grown Pastrana was only four foot. Five hundred thirty five centimeters and one hundred twelve pounds or fifty kilos with narrow hips. The baby only survived about thirty five hours and three days later. Pastrana herself passed away from infection. Her last words were said to be. I Die Happy. I know I have been loved for myself. At least she's free. Now right to quote Ramsay Bolton if you think this has a happy ending you haven't been paying attention. Lent got another pay day off Pastrana by selling her and the baby to an anatomy professor in Moscow. Dr Sokolov Sokolov spent six months preserving their bodies with a technique. That was part on the fixation. Part taxidermy their bodies were posed in a glass case and put on display at Moscow university's Anatomical Institute when lent realized. There was still money to be made. He regained control over. Pastrana and their sons bodies and spent the next six years hauling. They're glass display case around the world while on tour with his family's corpses lent met Marie. Bartell who had the same rare conditions? Pastrana Solan wooed and married her two. He renamed her Sonora Pastrana and build her as hulas fictitious sister would perform on stage with the preserved bodies in the background. Later lent hit the embalmed bodies and started telling people that Sonora and Julia were actually the same person maybe Sonora just wasn't as big of a draw but Marie turned Sonora fared better than Julia in the long run after she and lent retired in Saint Petersburg lent insane and she had him committed to an asylum where he died..

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