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Time for us to take take off our alternative identities. I'm i ball soi. Menendez pierre czyz. French but guest host who is going to employer download for anthem review. Best episodes of the podcast. All right enough enough of that. I go to pass the torch to michael michael. What is your ultimate at entertain. Hey nickerson is richard paul. Nobody wants that. i don't even want. That is my main booth zona much less much less than alternate one. Let me tell you about how i understand. I'm trying to think of what are the exact opposite. Thinks that michael ever says let me try. Let me tell you how. I understand courts and Great i am at all these different things polling true. That having children love him sports sports watching i did. I got richard. I'm ready meet. Ab sports. You're really good at watching sports. It's good well. I can be extended for ten weeks. A porthole sport. Because you'll be good. And holing if you take on richard. Are you going to talk about. How great yard cornhole. Because i don't remember that today. The only sport i know that i'm better than you corner push ups. I have the world record so there is no way you have the world record a quarter for ships. I pretty shirts me. Pretty.

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