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And like get some nice feedback from your peers and from strangers and you're like, maybe this is the thing. Like, maybe this kind of works. You kind of develop your own bid you develop your roles. It takes a long time. Does what are you? Were you nervous? Let's go play some. Hoops with Jalen rose. No, you know, it was more. Like, let's go to the gym and shoot around. You know what I mean? Right. Like it wasn't like we're not gonna play one on one. It's not like after practice with Kobe Bryant, right? Exactly. You'll never believe. This is really good at basketball really talented basketball heard under rating came a radio. Yes. Really never play. Like, maybe when she's like the local communications college. And you are if you are down in a pickup game, and you want to stay on the court. Getting them in the ball out of the way, watching elbow. Some people magazine. My read that you describe the show as a pup the trunk production. So even as you got to know each other, even as it became a national show. And then a television show the space that you do it in his small and intimate and the nature of the relationship in the topics. You talk about are all very casual and like that's the goal. Obviously pop. The trunk is. This is not produced. How do you run? The same way you've always wanted to and not let the increase in viewers or money or budget or TV or whatever affect that relationship in that product. It's a good question. Again, it goes back to like the smooth essential because it's like, it's a radio show. And you know, how you've done all the different various forms of media when you're doing radio, you kind of talk about how you tied your shoes this morning. You know what I mean? Like, you gotta fill this time. And it's not like there's no producer in your ear saying move on. Or we've hit this graphic this bureau coming up like it's very much just like you kind of hanging. You're just kind of hanging there. And you've got your plan, but you deviate from the plan, and you can you can use clips from TV shows clips from that you can you don't have to clear things do the work. Yeah. I don't even know if I don't even know if we ever do is legal. But you what he's like commercial music. I don't know why on the radio, you can do all this stuff..

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