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Yo yo yo yo welcome back man right. We bought the raptor staying man to the last few teams. We have here about two teams man. But i'm knock him out for Lay show up on what's going on and Who is out all right. So we're going to the nfc north where chicago has been having to figure out who's going to be the quarterback after announcing that they are going ahead. With andy dalton. They kept their first round. Rookie selection of course and But if we had to clean some things up and take care of getting rid of some other guys on the release of cornerback desmond. Font was largely expected after the veteran left the team for eighteen days following the death of his father The move however further calls into question. The bears plan at cornerback. Following the off season release a former pro bowler kyle fuller besides to find. The bears also let go veteran a corner artie. Burns and rookie six round. Pick thomas graham. Junior whom chicago is likely to want back on the practice squad Look for the bears to be active on the waiver. Wire in an attempt to feel holes in their secondary. They're probably pickup. A couple of guys that they think get done for them okay. released in waved include receiver isaiah Offense of guard diets. Here is salem Offensive guard arlington hamburger. In a few others reserve suspended. Include running back on one of their main starting running backs to wreak cohen and defensive lineman mario which junior Detroit lions released kicker randy bullock in. Zane gonzales as well as offensive tackle to rail crosby who was a starter on last year squad. Another surprise move was letting go of wide receiver bouchon pyramid however they did acquire ac- re trinity vincent in a twenty twenty three six round draft pick from the broncos in exchange for the twenty twenty two picks fifth in seventh round. So where they now well. They released a also receiver. Victor bolden nose tackle miles brown. Cornerback mike ford safety. Elijah howard receiver damon radley Quite a number guys. Good number of guys. They had to let go unfortunately Also on that list Giovane mckinney running back Dedrick meals reserved suspended. List includes the end. Just sean karnal all right. These are guys that they get to get away with still having around but they still have to get down to fifty three in order to please the fails in their pockets. Green bay packers keeping lift. Tackle david back at ari. Obviously because he's on all remember puppies guys can't play performance issues paints It means they're all pro predictor of aaron rodgers. Blindside will miss the first six games. All right that's what happens when you can't perform out you'll miss the first six games of the regular season while he continues to rehab from his lift. Acl repair opening day was never real. I mean Yeah was never realistic. Any turns out Neither is another before week. seven the only other option was putting him on a fifty three and taking it week by week but they're clearly not going to russian back one of their most important players. You gotta take it easy. You gotta be smart about it. That's slightly bigger news. Dan their own trade of the day. Acquiring punter corey bowl or quiz. Why does everybody in the league at crazy names. Last names a anomaly player so corbeau from the rams to kick it. They received so they also released a number of skill players man. I'm talking about receiver. Joon winfrey running back. Dexter williams running. Back patrick taylor wide receiver. Aquarius saint brown wide receiver. Damon hanson quarterback. Kurt bicker and more like a of guys a lot. Guys all right Pulp the only player is going. To be david becker ari but they also have on the reserve slash suspended tied in j sternberg from and giggle minnesota. Vikings the biggest surprise. I guess might not be much of a surprise at all when it comes to the wants to dust. Settle on who. They had released. Vikings way defensive in ever seen griffin who. They resigned last week running backs In return amir abdulah. Who got a ton of reps during the final two. Preseason games andrew follow who was only long snapper on the roster the only one Minnesota is dealing with several significant injuries to players. It kept on their fifty three man. Roster like are like earth smith. Junior and christian door saw so. It's likely the vikings will be able to resign. Some of the veterans day released once they put Put a handful of players on injury reserved in create a few rosser spots Required in the trey was tightening. Chris heard herndon herned done. Chris earned all right But that's what it looks like they're also wave slash injured Include wide receiver. Chad bb safety luther kirk off. His guard drew semi in quarterback. Nate stanley the nfc south at l. Man atlanta falcons. They keep three quarterbacks on their initial fifty three man roster including former first round. Pick josh rosen. As i mentioned earlier as they try to sort out the backup to matt ryan. It's entirely possible shuffles throughout the next few days of as players get released. But it's another chance for rosenthal. Learn from a top flight quarterback after being tutored by ryan. Fitzpatrick and tom brady. The past two years can be mad at that obviously has gotta learn something about this by this point right Waving released include running back. Caleb huntley wide receiver. Chris arale safety dwayne johnson junior not direct sun Defensive lineman ally anco offensive lineman willie beavers linebacker cobi jones and more Wires he was last injured. Include punter dom michio physically unable to perform pup is offensive lineman matt gano. Cova reserved tied in parker. Hansi are carolina released twenty carolina panthers for those that don't know Released twenty nineteen third rounder. A pick will greer which you know might seem obvious because he's a quarterback but he was the third action Don't be surprised if somebody is at in. You know somebody is added behind who they have left which sam darnold on. Pj walker so yes pj walker from the other league. I think the xfl came right Is now backing up. Sam darnold who not too many gonna make students season as the starter so. Pj might have a chance. But at least he'll you know they're trying to get somebody to add for the practice practice squad but the biggest move was releasing a joey. Sly carolina was so confident in the kicker coming into camp that no competition was created his struggles force a trade with the giants last week. Four ryan's naito So the panthers will enter the season with a kicker who has no attempts in a regular season game. It's a very risky situation. Linebacker joe josh minds. Wide receiver omar bayless running back spencer brown anymore. All join that party of people who had to pack up Season ending injuries. Include a long snapper. Thomas fletcher not sure what that guy did to get that. But that's what happened. Narrative reserve a cornerback. Aj bowie so is guilty. He'll be back. They're going to keep them..

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