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Some more of those this year. Last two quick ones. You are especially given the response that I cited earlier to the show and the Emmys and all of that. You and the show are really kind of regarded by a lot of people now as the best reason to still watch network TV among obviously the general public still does it in huge numbers. But in the industry and the media, there is sort of a, I don't know if it's slobbery or just an attitude about network TV that's different. And I wonder as that person, what in your mind is the best argument to fight for network TV. That it deserves a spot in the conversation. Now on TV never stopped making compelling work to me. First of all, there are three channels, not just one, and, you know, this is us was one of the most compelling dramas on TV consistently for every season. And hello. I guess there's no Game of Thrones, but also it's super compelling to be able to do act breaks that keep people coming back. Cliffhangers and stuff like that. That's not easy to do. And doing an act break period isn't easy to do. In a lot of cable or streaming television doesn't have to do an act break in the same way that you have to or never TV. That's a real skill. I mean, it's something that I learned when working with Larry and continued to get better at, especially through Justin and pat Justin is so about his act breaks and he reminds me sometimes. That is a real skill. So, and then it's not just Abbott, ghost is killing it. People love ghosts. It's one of the favorite new comedies of the season. And people enjoy. It's almost like if with network two, it's like, look down upon if people are, I don't know, enjoying it. No, it is, it's like if too many people like something, can it be good? I think that is sort of the attitude about a lot of it. Obviously, I think you've put to rest any question of whether it can be good and popular, but it's just kind of amazing that whereas ten years ago or whatever, 15 years ago, everything that was getting nominated for Emmys was from these handful of broadcast networks. You guys are at the moment. Yeah, at the moment, I mean, I would love to see that change, but I also know that my path has allowed me to create a show like Abbott Ford network like ABC. You know, I watched, I'm watching the bear on FX, and I'm like, you know, Abby could have easily looked like the bear. And it wasn't going to. And I love the bear because it's like this darker workplace comedy. I'm just saying that there is art to. And I hope that I hope that more people now go toward the network route. And I think network has a better understanding of younger people, at least ABC does, has a better understanding of the millennial, but I think cable and streaming helps show them that value. You know, when people like Issa went from ABC to HBO, and all these people made these huge big comedies on these networks and on these streamers and cable, network had to kind of adjust. Yeah, you get like your demographic is even changing network because we're the old people in there. I'm only 32, but it's like, yeah, but I'm the target. When you're selling a Dyson vacuum, you're selling it to me. You're selling. I'm the person I can commercials now. I'm like, wow, I really want to try that mister clean us. Well, that leads us in a way to the last question, which is just where do you, where do you see all this going? It's such an exciting, and I'm speaking about for you personally, such a kind of crazy moment, and I know you're so busy that I don't know if you've had time to really process all of it or digest it. But not just not just that bad and all the response to that, but I think it was in the last week or so that we see a still release you're playing Oprah in a movie. This is weird the all jakovic slurry. I mean, there seems to be a lot of stuff going on, so just what's it's not gonna matter. So Abby, Abbott is my focus. I want to continue to be with this show. I feel that I need to be with it directly for the next forever many, you know, I want to keep being here full time, you know? Full-time, fully in the writer's room, fully in production. I'm even having a little bit of trouble this season 'cause it's like fuck, I gotta do all this other shit. Last year we got to make it in the bubble. We're nobody cared. Well this year, I gotta do all this other stuff to kind of take me out of the room. Once again, I am still grateful for all of you, but I'm just saying. I love being with, I love my writers. I love my crew. I love my production stuff. And I love my cast. And it's just incredible. And I want to keep, I want to make sure it continues to be a good show. The little things I've done outside of Abbott have been easy to do. I did a party down one party down. But they only took two days of my time. You know what I mean? And there's "Weird Al" Yankovic thing. It's literally like Daniel being I worked with Daniel miracle workers in him being like, get Quinta, and it's a day of work, and it was super easy to be a part of this incredible film. So it's also, I just want to hype it up. It is such a silly film. I can not wait until. I'm over the moon for I couldn't believe they asked me to be in it. But then there are other things and I'm like, I can't do it. There was a movie I did want to do. That I was just like, that's too much time away from Abbott. I can't do it. So I'm going to keep taking things as they come if it's easy for me to do. Outside of Abbott, I will. Eventually, I'd love to develop another show, but I don't know when, I just want to focus on making Abbott, I love it, and I want to keep making it good. And I have more stories to tell there. And I think with network TV, I've always heard that it's an engine. And I was like, eh. But I'm seeing it now. You know what the 22 episodes? There's this, these become engines, you know? And I just want to make sure the engine is well built. And then I'll go get another car. Well, you're doing amazing work and thank you so much for taking some time away to do this. And can't wait to see this. I was so scared. Because I hate podcasts, and I was reading this all day. I was like, oh my God, I'm like this. This was so wonderful. Thank you so much. It's a treat for me. I'm really excited. I think I first saw your I was oblivious, unfortunately, too. Some of the more meme related stuff, but when I saw black lady sketch, I'm like, she's going places. I got

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