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And now the low post welcome to the low post podcast live from Los Angeles, California, where the great Jackie MacMullan has made a huge mistake, which is publishing outstanding feature story when she is in the same city as me because that means she has to come on my podcast or because I will not stop asking her to Jackie MacMullan. How are you? I love being on your podcast. Now, can I just tell the story quickly that the last time we are on the podcast? Sure. We're talking about shooting touch that organization. I was involved within Rwanda. And this is how much clout the low post has some gentlemen, from Georgia, whoever you are forget your name, sir. I apologize listened wrote it down and made a very nice donation to the charity which helps kids Rwanda. So that's the power of Zach. It's called shooting touch people. Well, I didn't mean for that to happen again. I'm just saying you got some juice would say it would be a nice coincidence. So I like to do this one when? Writer, I love and no of right, something big. And today you came out with a monster Jamal Murray profile and he's such a smart player to pick. Because he's one of these sort of swing players of the season. We don't know enough about him. Now, we do. So when did you pick him, and like when did you go to Denver, take us through the origin story? Well, I was watching him last year. And Doc Rivers had made an off hand comment to me about him a year ago. And he said you watch him he said he could go either way. That's always a great comment. Right. He could go either way. And so I thought oh, okay. And and so I had my eye on him and Denver star Demer was good and the great Kevin arnovitz. And I had exact same idea. I did and graciously said, no you go ahead. You take it. I think mostly because my daughter lives in Denver. So it was a little bit of a junket for me. I can't think of a better reason, honestly. But really it just was an they were an interesting team. You'll. You know, that's another story we should do. But I just I had I liked the way Mari played he played with a certain amount of fire, and he like motion players, you know, we were talking today on the jump about emotional shooters. Which is what you know. I call Russell Westbrook. So I was curious about I didn't really know much about him at all and start doing a little research started asking around brought me all the way back around to Doc Rivers. And I said all right. What is it about to Moammar? And he told me which was in the piece that he was watching a play, and he was just all over the place mission shots like crazy turn to Lawrence. Franken said that kids going to lead the scorn in some day alerts rags like what are you talking about kid hit a shot his rookie year? He didn't hit a shot for the first five games. I had forgotten about right? Isn't that? Crazy. Right. And so then doctor said, no he he's going to because he thinks he will. And so that was sort of the springboard I went I guess I was in Denver gosh early December early to mid December spent three days there got to talk to. Jamal got to talk to his teammates, the coaches some of the opposing players and then his dad came into town, and I got to speak with him. I actually spoke with him over the phone, but he was someone that I really thought I needed to meet because of course, he was the central figure in the story, and I wasn't going to be comfortable writing about Jamal and his dad, and let's actually got to sit down and meet his dad and talk with him a little bit. So let's talk about the dad because you said he is Roger is is the center of the story and just the details of their workouts. When when he was a kid but push ups in the snow laps before school conditioning, route straight up hill that will run sideways or backwards. He disconnects the TV, no cell phones. This is a sports parent. Sounds like a sports parent. Right. And usually when you get a parent like this. He's in Denver a lot. I believe right..

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