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They brought this terror into the school. And it's very ugly and AS Roma where where best mother kind of shocked by it. And Hannah's Dad Actually. They're sitting at the same table as it transpires and he's tries to intervene and stop it because he knows if he literally toast one hundred. Is there in his Pajama? Yes exactly yeah. That's slightly off with about being close to amount in pajamas to start with even those little somehow continuing despite the Laura Illicit Latins. I'm now Danny Damn took it to Rosamund. Lupton took it about her latest novel three hours and Muslim and they want to bring us back to then racy and Bossy the two you can tell us about something about their journey from Aleppo basically but these two Syrian refugees who have been taken welcomed into the school by most people. That's where I think they've been welcomed by the community and Rayvey Sixteen. He's in love with his girlfriend And she doesn't know that yet. He's in a school play and he's poured his dad's copayment bath from Syria. And now he's being performed and he has apart One of the things that transpires is. He's he's very literate. He's very intelligent. He's very kind you know. He's he. S He's a refugee. We find out about his story and that he has ptsd but is also a lot of things in the present tense as well. That was important to me when I was writing him and so he's at to start with. He sees himself as Lance Macbeth. You know the boy who runs away and because he's left his mother and he feels tremendously guilty by that. There wasn't enough money for the people smugglers to pay for her as well. So it's just him and his brother he was fourteen and his brother was six when they made the training. And you see it in snapshots just a few images which highlight for him the dangers of that journey and now it's all happening again for him as he has to keep is probably safe. And Bassey's a little boy who you know. We read Syrian Folktales. And still does but is also reading wind in the willows. Where things are so. They're both kind of half immersed culture and also culture and refuses at one point. People don't want to hear the store and I didn't blame them all at tugging misery. It's you know I want to play spotify. Google play xbox Games binge-watch net flicks? So I didn't want them to be like okay comes the very worthy sooner Fiji characters. I wanted them to be very much. I kind of alive and interesting for themselves as personalities and as you mentioned you know they've been welcomed into the community and the school which prides itself on its Liberal Valley. As and then we start to see the parents you know some of them are obviously stolen liberals who were also sort of slightly smugly proud about the tradition of this school in it. Yeah and it starts to crack. When it becomes apparent that perhaps there's a terrorism elemen- involved and I think that fifth year on child makes you incredibly selfish and I think all parents know that that huge sufficient that comes with having a child which is terrible and I think they experience it in such a way in that sport center cafeteria where they're blaming two children effectively and they catch themselves and they know it's wrong but it's a moment where they some of them will see themselves for the first time just that they're not the very liberal people that they thought they were at the beginning and wonderful. It was particularly brilliant Muslim. You're necessarily talk about why this happens. But there's reason for basically Rio headlines FROM NEWSPAPERS. Yay Real people formenting hate against against Muslims to be brought into this story. I really wanted to to use of now. I remember seeing some headlines and seeing them altogether. I've been local copen on outside the front of the headlines. And it's day after day become shocking the drip drip drip of Islamophobic headlines. And I am such a misnomer on true Muslims Bank Christmas and it meant the council was calling Christmas Lights Winter Lights. I mean it was stupid. That and that became the headline and that drip feed of hatred and fear was something I wanted to explore in terms of the consequences of thatt's endorsement of hate really and seeing people's different and traitors or dangerous and how that might play out and especially at that linked with trump and how he disseminates Britain first tweets retweets tweets at forty million followers. Scott and I think he's a very real danger that our national press not all of them but quite a few do promulgate something very close to far right ideology and when an offer I wrote the book there was the terrible massacre in New Zealand and the murderer filmed it and one of our papers. Actually put that footage up on the newspapers site. One of them published his manifesto it. There's a thin line and I felt that was something. I think it's been exploited lot more recently but when I was writing the book it was something I didn't think had been talked about March or shown maybe in a story terms of what might happen. Tm People as a consequence. I think also this Benjamin the blurb the your novels have been you know. Richard and Judy Book Choices. There obviously like popular novels in sort of in that sort of way. So there's going to be people there read this novel the pick this book up and test guy. Who's as a mega read? His novel the also pick up the daily express. That's sort of part of the point. I mean I think I've told you what I was writing about which wasn't necessarily new terror attack on school but if that's engine that gets them reading you know maybe a more subtle nuanced view or two point things out. Maybe haven't been points out because Borodin are echo chambers. I'm one another and to kind of try and find a way to bridge. That was something I wanted to do without it. Being kind of course. Also it's felt was important that this wasn't written just for people that think like me and they're all obviously that's terrible. Maybe it's someone that hasn't those by it or you read the headlines about migrants you read the comments section of papers and it's like they're lesser like these boys and not like our children cockroaches cockroaches. Yeah I'm you know. Burn the boats C. Show drawing board is still quote unquote extraordinary that that we have that the last character I wanted to look was rose Palestine. Who's as detective inspector in sort of criminal psychologist through whose eyes we see the police coordination and the sort of anti terrorism efforts. And I guess I wanNA love the looker who she is. Let's talk about. How how you research? He'll how the police would respond to realize school sheets hiver police advisor and so I ask him what would happen. So there's gold silver bronze leads of command. I wanted to get that right and I find it quite interesting that their way from the school there in that kind of Porta cabins on control center and the screens and bottled water and school is snowing. And it's freezing and people hiding in the dark and the difference between there and Rose Polston so aware of that and she really wants to be in. The school isn't as you can't do anything. And I found that that kind of exactly disconnect but they need that remove to do their job and yet at the same time it feels quite alien I think for them as people wanting to go in and physically do something to help the kids I think for her. What is interested in her character is that she's not a police psychologist. Who's that interested in criminal minds in a this is not all the PSYCHOPATHIC fascinating? What interests are are the people? Ordinary people do extraordinary things and the kids in school. The helicopter pilot. He's flying implicit. Those are the people that matter to her and she says she does draw because those people master to her and I was actually interested recently. I've just been reading the five the untold stories and travelers victims. And Near My name Bushnell Miller. Who's a rape victim? He and it seems to me that there is now a much more interest in is not the the victims but telling the story from people's view who happen to find themselves victims of these terrible things and that they are center stage and have a voice and say rose postings job if you like is also not blame say the parents to knock cast blame and not glamorize what these terrorists all. These gunman are actually doing and I thought that was quite important. Even though I think it's quite interesting what she finds out and how she sees her job. It's not the focus of the novel. What about it? Let's Talk About School? Shootings more generally that in terms of research. And there's one thing that you talk about name. Which is this term. There's often come to associate with these these type shootings. Which is the Diet? Whether there's well you can tell us what that means come together with toxic consequences so in columbine was a sort of depressive as we can tell us like path so the suicidal depressive He basically wanted to himself by murdering other people and then being shot by the police which apparently widely is very common in the state's death by caught and very much groomed by this more powerful more kind of cold seems although these parents to give in twos or anything that he was more psychopathic in that combination came together and I was interested. We talked a little while ago is interested in how that talk sick combination that you feel the Macbeth lady. Macbeth wouldn't have started on that course so in the book. The kids in the theater which is a safe place. Relatively rare husband buttons through watching Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. And how a diehard is created. If you like this murderous start to understand what's happening in their school and then of course there's the witches and who they are which is another interesting thing for me was if you look at this. Columbine they were trying to find out. What was it music? Was it games anything cart being because otherwise it would be kids doing this up and down the country but must have been something else in people's has to be something else and I think Macbeth in Shakespeare's witches and I think in my book the Dot. Net's modern witches meet explore that. Yes so I was going to say we've talked about the the police action and you know you just mentioned you talk about the The man this is as it turns out where the shooters are coordinates in getting their weapons from. I wanted to talk about the schools. Plans at the school also has terrifyingly schools have very detailed even. Hey this is not. It's not everyday occurrence as is in America. But you know the idea that the school has a plan to deal with this sort of thing. I mean I think schools will have lockdown procedures which is just horrifying And Sarin assassinated. I live opposite market school and assigned the looked uncertain is different from the fire alarm and it's horrifying science so yes. I think it is reality that said in the states you can get a gun so easily. Been literally lined up like in the supermarket. It's extraordinary and here is not like that. You know disaffected kid cannot just go and get a gun or get someone to buy a gun so it is very different and therefore much less likely. I think that this is a what if scenario and it's exploring all sorts of things it's not saying is this is going to happen to finish off gator to readers of it. I shall read. We've spoken about Hannah. I'm so I thought I'd read a bit about Hannah. So this is a midway through work..

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