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I'm going over here for the first story that's related to progressives. Okay. So carry Harris's running for a Senate seat. Whoa, sentence pretty significant. She's just Democrats. So she believes that all those progressive priorities that you know a love, Medicare for all fifty nominee in which college for all and peace. Hey, how about that? Okay, but she takes no corr- pack money. Now, that's a very, very important part of the story because her opponent that takes a lot of it. But we are told that this is impossible. I believe. I've heard this story before and twenty three previous times. It proved to be untrue is just as Democrats won their primaries, but guys, this is a Senate seat. Kenneth guy person not taking any Pac money. That's just democrat that progressive really what is sentenceed. Okay. That's the question for Kerry Harris and whose incumbent now that's carriers right there. She's wonderful. She was on rebel headquarters before she's got all those great positions. Her opponent is incumbent Tom Carper who has been in office in Delaware. That's the. Senate seat. We're talking about here in Delaware of four, about seven thousand years in a row. Okay. He's held many political positions there. So he actually is a huge track record. Let's look at his record and see if it's worthwhile because this is the important part. I am told by people in Washington all the time. What are you guys? Are we going to being deal out of all you? Rascal progressives. These Democrats are fine. They're find what you've primary and Tom Carper for. He's a good solid, democratic vote. I'm gonna tell you is record in the you tell me if you think this is just fine or if Washington is perhaps we'll a crap..

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