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The fan Laurie Rubinson here with you and Seahawks get a big win anyone in the playoffs is big seventeen for nine over the Philadelphia Eagles to break it down we bring in Greg bell of the Tacoma Tribune Hey Greg how are yeah Lori I'm well hello New York thanks for stopping by New York to me there's obviously is a few big stories and jump off the page for here but before we turn to you know whether there's a G. Davey on clammy hit or any of that one of the big stories here to me is how did every team pass a D. K. Metcalf at you a six foot three Marvel who won the combine and yet how do you last until the last pick of the second round well Lori had a cervical neck fracture in October two thousand eighteen at Ole miss and it is college career half the season early a lot of people around him said he probably should never play football again he was in a hospital bed in Oxford Mississippi with a neck brace on security may never play football and that scared a lot of teams who didn't medically cleared him work felt they were medical red flags he had broken a foot earlier he had a medical redshirt year before that old mess and then there are a lot of an insult personnel types who thought he was a one hit wonder who just wrote who just ran go route and that's all he could do and was a one trick guy that couldn't play in an NFL route tree and play against different coverages in the league what they over looked first the six four two twenty nine for the for three forty and there's no there's no defense of backing up felt that it was here today the second thing they overlooked was the Mississippi is that the Seahawks scalps told us Mississippi's offense was just too simple for him they did not have to do any more than nine routes go routes down the field and beat a guy says Eckley one on one and had Mississippi schemes ask them to do more Metcalf would have shown more and the Seahawks will take you very much out will trade up here to the second round and get a specimen that no one in the league can cover man to man the eagles tonight DOT themselves are kicked out of the playoffs like sticking a man to man defense which they have all season and nobody could guard myself when I want at what point did the sea hawks sense that they had a special player on their hands they say Lori with I mean we share trying to say with a side of the first mini camp they were shocked in may about how polished around receiver he was because they said they didn't see him do that all matters but they saw him catching the ball away from his body making sharp cuts doing things that maybe is four five year veteran in the NFL would do against different type of coverage of the Seahawks cornerback for talking about way back in mini camp about how this guy runs different routes everyday you've got a book on us already and he's only a week into the league they didn't see any of that calling me the rest of the NFL is for you guys and said that the last that long but they got way more Pete Carroll said after the first year we can't we got more than we bargained for not not we didn't know it was this minister of our product on top of this physical skill Greg bell about the Seattle Seahawks and their win today against the eagles and another big story out easily added this game in recently with the Seahawks is the return of of beast mode and I you know certainly the eagles and all their injuries was yeah we've rarely seen a team have to play with the eagles and a credit to them the with all the injuries they had but certainly Seattle had moved more than their fair share of injuries as well what has the return of beast mode and Marshawn Lynch coming back to the team Mentat has have you noticed the difference around the team absolutely but boy first he would not be here to see our time lost their POP three running he's learning entry it took that extreme of an occurrence for them to call him they lost Chris cars and it's twelve hundred yard rusher after eleven hundred yards in the last year and a loss for sharpening their first round pick in two thousand eighteen and they lost CJ prosafe third down back they were trying if you ever down back after the other two injuries and then it's okay we'll do all we have is Travis Homer Ricky six round picks from Miami but call of Marcia lance look you have to look beyond the numbers of what which is given him right now he said touchdowns in each of the first two games yes but it's been five and how he carried himself in a locker room in on the field there are guys only five Seahawks who played with Lynch in the Superbowl years through the last season he had played with in two thousand fifteen the rest of them forty eight guys in the on the roster are incomplete obvious and they watch everything he does on the field in the locker room in the parking lot is and tonight I let my game story was led by the mansion Metcalf I thought there dole plays in the third quarter change the game let's first of all the touchdown run vintage Lynch jumped at the three yard line and the three eagles bounces off all three of them both through for a touchdown electrified the sideline then in the third quarter catches us up a little out route on in one goes down the sidelines instead farms for defensive back into the turf like a lawn dart went straight into the ground right in front of Caroline the Seahawks bench they explode again tapping on the helmet of typical Marshawn Lynch play two plays later Metcalf makes a diving catch nobody touches the murals sprints in one motion I could Jim as he runs into the touch down seventeen six games pretty much over that's what Lance done and so look at the numbers seven yards for six or seven he must not have been it's the energy the reference the player's health forum the encouragement of things like last week in the San Francisco game when he was encouraging Travis Homer saying that the review was inspiring him without hardy was one and a twenty one year old kid will be telling his grandparents about March on what's coming up to this first start it's those kind of intangibles that can make a difference in playoff games and when they go to Green Bay they're gonna be glad they have Marshawn Lynch on the sidelines expecting that he knows the Seahawks can frequently be criticized for the conservative nature of the play calling often to play college especially when Russell Wilson very clearly the best player on the team one of the best players in the league and throughout the course of the season as you were saying all those running backs they they tend to be more of a more conservative a run first scheme and yet here we are Brian Schottenheimer offensive coordinator very familiar to this market be a former offense of coordinator with the jets and yet I I thought you cited one of them which is thirty one I don't think anybody thought that they would it seem like any time beast mode anytime Marshawn Lynch isn't lunch Marshawn Lynch's in the game they're probably running the ball rate and not throwing him because he hasn't been around so that was one call and then the other that surprise me in terms of the in the Seahawks right now and where they're at I don't know if you were surprised but at the end of the game there thirteen ten and it was thirty ten at the Seattle Levin there's a minute forty seven left in this game and Seattle could be kept running the ball and you've got a forty year old backup quarterback on the other side and taking your chances and and punt it away and instead they go for the win and Russell Wilson heaving the ball up in the air to Metcalf for thirty six yard of completion that to me was a little bit of a surprise and I thought OK Gress of it you know and and and aggressive call were you surprised at all but by those calls are are what five it raised my brow a little bit but then I saw right before the snap the eagles are in zero coverage no deep safety yeah man to man coverage like they had had the whole night and it was what Schottenheimer counted on each on on the eagles thinking well they're going to run the ball because take our third time out on defense and pointed out of their own ends of but the Seahawks did not they were confident their defense is going to stop my account even though he's forty and played on sixty four teams and was born in nineteen thirty they were they had been moved on the entire night both by the run in the past and I don't think they want to give the ball at midfield to my account it was a one score game and that's with no seven three nine correctly so they went for the win right there and they said look you're going to play man coverage again you're probably not going to have a single high safety which they didn't try to get somebody on your team or in the state of Pennsylvania who can guard became Metcalf won one game on the line and they didn't have anybody they have never had anyone in team history nobody in the NFL the can guard him in the single one on one situation so we run the go route passed the guy's covering the jumps over the safety Wilson setting probably could've thrown a touchdown pass there but he knew that casket I'll jump anybody on the field so we just threw it up there so he could tend to get the first down and win the game you're right it did the trend of or the perception that Schottenheimer's too conservative couple things on that the law one they they run the ball so much because our our sense of light cannot pass block down into down out they have to help pass rush used to play I'm honestly that have to read runner past the start the games that they falling behind and have to throw Russell Wilson been almost killed so they have to run the ball to set up the it's cliche but that's how they have to do it for other often blinds instructed and the other thing you can criticize the Carolinas he still plays the game field position realign your defense as if he has his defense from a Super Bowl years in the legion of boom while he does and the defense gets him in trouble sometimes with miss tackles with lacking a pass rush we saw some tonight even though they ended up with seven sacks I thought a lot of it was because my account of holding on to the ball so long as they can be beaten if you give cornerbacks time to throw because they have coverage issues in the secondary and they have tackling the issue so we you can definitely criticize Carol for playing your run conservative game field position game with the defense is not nearly the checked into a quality used to be talking to Greg bell.

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