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The drought of the right award. Caves facing off against butcher who wins the draw from the left point Senate in front of the hawk net. Man, it hit escape Lavelle. Took the puck back on the reports behind the hawk and up the far side Dylan pinching from the left point knocks it down to the corner can assistant. Taken away by torture. Meyer who fires point Belsky deflects away. Back into the hawk zone to the right circle stops and fires at the flex up off the glass behind the net around the Dylan at goals left point put it down. He took it away. Got it ahead the Kunitz who couldn't fail. This lost it at the blue line. Here's are moving into the left wing corner. Good shirts. In front admire fires Cam ward. Whistle-stopping play pulled the puck free after the whistle and put it in the hawk net. But you get the washout signal from one of the referees. Say software stay in the hawk zone. Where did that problem? Start Blackhawks with puck possession about five feet from the blue line and did not get it out, San Jose Sharks. Just turn that into a good scoring opportunity. Puck actually was in behind Cam ward. They get a lucky whistle there. Go prevails. He knows that. This is a loose puck. Cam ward doesn't know where it is. He's just trying to stay still. So it doesn't come out of his pads is equipment. You get another look at it. And it is behind him ward. Blackhawks catching early break from drawing. Here's last week left point punch the pass into the high slot pickup of the hawks. Artem Anisimov factory delicate Dominic shark line, right wing. He won hands the puck down behind the after the left wing corner. Anisimov Pat, it lost it and Anisimov slaps it three took it away from Donskoy Nascimento shot the puck across the rink to the fire board hurdle clears to center right for the hawk line left circle tied up by forsling. Who knocked the puck away and then was trip penalty coming up here. The sharks. Here's Dominic Cahoon hawk zone. Kevin LA Banca does put the puck over the right boards to savor Cam ward will skate to the hawks bench six attacker on for the hawks the late penalty situation. Caves takes a pass from Seabrook through center ice on short line left circle. Shoots. Pat, save. Jones and the whistle blows tripling will be the call. The hawks are gonna get the first citgo fueling good tower. Not happy, but it is a tripping call too anxious, and it's not one you want to be taken in the offensive zone. Stick just gets caught in between. The legs of. Forsling Donskoy in the box. Two minutes for tripping you San Jose Sharks penalty kill one power.

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