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Coming up in part two of the history out the troubling death of David Kelly a British scientist to been hunting for Iraqi W. M. D. also the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in nineteen ninety and I'll give you the greatest ever hold of Anglo Saxon treasure when we first saw that you'll really love naturally wildly excited it looked so beautiful the garden the girl lying down in the sand with the black lives it's about nine first a new summary BBC news with David Honda Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie lam has pledged to restore law and order as pro democracy activists trying to enforce a general strike by disrupting transport networks vowing not to resign in the face of intensifying protests she said increasingly violent demonstrations of pushing the city to the verge of a very dangerous situation in the last few minutes the Indian home minister I meet Sean has proposed to parliament's that article three hundred and seventy of the Indian constitution which confers special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir the revoked his also propose that the state be reorganized with flat tax being coughed out as a separate administrative unit I can stand disputes India's sovereignty over the Kashmir valley weather has been a long running insurgency against Indian rule president trump has said hate has no place in the United States after two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio that left a total of twenty nine people dead he said he had spoken to his Attorney General the FBI and members of Congress about what could be done to prevent such violence his democratic opponents have accused him of inciting hate crimes South Korea has announced a plan to invest more than six billion dollars on research and development to cut reliance on imports from Japan the move comes in response to Japan's decision to impose restrictions on the export of materials vital to south Korea's manufacturing industries China's currency has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar in over a decade as hopes fade for a swift resolution of the trade war between Beijing and Washington it's breach the level of seven against the dollar a key threshold HSBC bank has announced the departure of its chief executive John flint after just eighteen months in the role saying it needed a change at the top the surprise announcement came even as HSBC posted a rise in half yearly profit BBC news welcome back to part two of the history our with Max B. isn't still to come the nineteen ninety invasion of Kuwait and from nineteen thirty nine a remarkable Anglo Saxon find in an English country garden but before that the controversial death of a British weapons expert an event which caused even deeper anxiety than that which already existed over Britain's involvement in the invasion of Iraq in two thousand and three Dr David Kelly was the expert in question he'd been on several weapons inspection visits to Iraq to try to determine if Saddam Hussein's regime had developed nuclear chemical or biological capabilities in July two thousand and three months after the decision to go to war Dr Kelly was found dead in a field Rebecca can speak as been speaking to one of the doctors who signed a letter calling for further investigation of the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly's death tonight's the scientists at the center of the road between the government and the BBC has been found dead Dr David Kelly don't today Kelly was one of the world's leading biological warfare experts the discovery of his body on a hillside in oxygen just three days off to giving evidence at a televised parliamentary hearing shocked the nation tonight we have a profound personal tragedy wrapped up in serious criticism of the BBC foreign affairs select committee the ministry of defense and of the government as a whole the official explanation was the talk to Kelly deliberately took his own life but such was the maelstrom of public debate at the time so divided was the nation over the war in Iraq that his sudden death spot any number of conspiracy theories while Dr Kelly's widow accepted it was suicide others were concerned the normal procedures following a sudden death when not followed by the authorities among.

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