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Shields. Seventy-five the high today coming up, we're tracking warmer weather, but then we have a big front moving in by Sunday. And you got a crash on I four eastbound after the Saint John's river bridge right lane is blocked. I'm Ed Torrence, news ninety six point five WDBO seven thirty two now Twenty-eight minutes away from eight. You're listening to Orlando's morning news with Joe Kelly on news ninety six point five WDBO. I'm Rika Puteaux. I'm Samantha Jordan. The CEO of Orlando. International airport is warning travelers that security alliance will probably get longer if there's no solution for the partial government shutdown the airport board sent a letter to Washington DC asking leaders to reopen. The government mayor buddy Dyer is pushing for legislation to pay TSA workers and customs officers during future shutdowns this morning. A judge expected to get an update on the case against a former OPD officer accused of driving drunk and hitting a toll booth. Investigators say Fred Rowley caused a fiery crash on the four zero eight last year. That he's left the scene. Rowley was fired twice from OPD once for the crash at once for trying to cover up an unauthorized car-chase. We've got a different perspective this morning on allowing concealed carry on college campuses, the bills once again before the Florida house and a former Orlando police chief says it's not needed listen to those who who know Paul Rooney now works at Valencia college and worked at O PD for twenty eight years. He says we should listen to campus staff tell you, it's not a good idea Valencia has seventy thousand students on eight campuses. I have not seen one Rooney says they have sworn officers and deputies on campus who can respond to any shooting if there's concealed carry happening in very identify who the suspect is he gets more reasons he says guns in dorms are risky stolen, dorms. I mean, there's an it opens up so much. Gene Wexler, News ninety six point five WDBO. Authorities say a south Florida man had sex with an underage provide county girl he met through the online video game. Fortnight forty one year old Anthony, gene Thomas facing charges include. A lawful. Sex with a minor child porn skaters believe there could be many as twenty additional victims this weekend. We'll find out which teams will be going to Atlanta for Super Bowl fifty three. But the department of homeland security has already been hard at work DHS has classified the game is a seer one event meeting. It's a potential target for terrorism. Atlanta police chief Erica shields said her department visited Houston and Minneapolis when they hosted the Super Bowl what we realized almost immediately was that this was not going to be successful. If we can find this to us land police department event aside from the department of homeland security, Atlanta PD will be assisted by forty other local state and federal agencies. There's been an enormous amount of time that occasion and hard work that has gone into this planning. We are so ready Super Bowl. Fifty three is Sunday, February third at Atlanta's Mercedes Benz stadium. Tony marino. News ninety six point five WDBO. Go team were excited. Do that sport thing. It's seven thirty five.

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