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He has 43 years of experience in the medical field, and she has a new best selling book out, called The Personal Health Organizer is your personal health record? Are your Records organized? Well, this is a complete, easy to use system that will quickly document your major medical and dental history and we'll talk to her in just a few minutes. On what you can do to make your health information more organized as well as talking about medical errors. I'm sure um, a lot of you have had that in the past experience with that, and she has over her 40 years plus of experience in the medical field, and she'll give you lots of tips on staying healthy, preventing medical errors, keeping track of your health, getting familiar with your medical conditions as well as medications and much, much more. So we got A full hour of tendons crystallized concentrated information for you. We'll talk about things like diagnostics. Quick reference lists health issues that you might have spanning out everything from, you know, alcohol and drug concerns to anesthesia and stroke, sleep problems, skin conditions, We'll discover the cover it all from head to toe, women's and health. Our disease conditions, family history, etcetera, So we got quite quite an agenda here, Right? Let's talk about your immune system since it's front and center in the news every day with the covert virus, you know, getting sick kind of screws you twice because first you suffer in the moment, right? You're sick, but then every time you get an infection, even if it's a minor one,.

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