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Sleeping on their calendar. Ali's diagnosed back really GonNa hurt when you take those ten pounds of clothes opening day right. I'm never taken the ball. Sh my closet. I dressed yes I in one word in Dallas to me so I can have an lightest is always losing your she. I think she thinks she is. Yes you guys. I'm going to start with the news. Also going to start it off with black history month. You know. We've been doing this all month long shouting ow. Black inventors actors. Anybody that we don't normally or the media doesn't normally talk about during black history month and This is This was cemented me by Barbie which is really great. Because I love this little girl Her name is Mark Martin and she stars on Black Ish She is she plays the sister. She plays the daughter but she is also the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history. Yeah Yeah So. Shot up to her She is sorry. The story keeps getting away from me. She's a teen actress and she was is it. I'm sorry you guys this. I don't know why this is not opening. Redirecting me to another page. I hate that. She was born August fourteenth in two thousand and four. She's in American actress and she's also a producer She's known for her role as Diane Johnson on Black Ish and she starred in the two thousand nineteen universal pictures comedy film little. She did that with Isa you survey. It's ray that's our last name Where they switched bodies kind of Friday typing. She was also armed. She was an executive producer for that movie as she also has another movie in the works as well So shout out to Marseille Martin. She she started. She made her film debut playing a leading role in the Amazon studios original film and American girl story set in Detroit during the civil rights movement. I remember that movie. I saw that And then from there she just got other roles in February two thousand nineteen Martin her. She started a production company called genius productions and they have signed a deal with universal studios in her first film as part of the deal. Is that monster? Which is a comedy about a teenage girl who was adjusting life with her new stepmother. So that's coming out and she's also become the youngest person to get a first look at a first look deal at universal and the youngest person to get a deal at any studio concert. She's fifteen and may two thousand nineteen. It was announced that She's also going to be and starring in the film adaptation of Amari and the night brothers for universal pictures and she's also producing a comedy film called Queen so she is doing doing a smart to follow her on Instagram so If you guys have a chance go check her out. She's very smart very motivational as well. So good it's a good role model for young black girl. All of us yet. Everybody yes black men white women everyb- everybody does young ladies. Well counters at the agency is. Oh yes she deborah leslie little so long little came out lashing the minimum flashy. I believe the words and it was so long as last year the boilers please call so we can have a God bless context. Yes and she's currently worth one million dollars. Shot at. The school changed dramatically. Yes it wells movies. She's going to be like one is a billionaire right your way right. This is a picture of her. She was going on. Hey shot to my side Alley Ma. You have a great day too right. I'm Richard Southey. I'm giving the news right now. what's going on and why can't deny job yes? The Corona virus. Yeah I'M GONNA keep updating right Leery as well this record but I thought well nobody from the United States has died from the virus. Thank God however we do still have fifteen reported cases countries are still rushing to evacuate their citizens from the Diamond Princess cruise ship where we learned that three hundred and fifty nine people are infected it But the challenge is getting the passengers off the ship without risking further contamination Meanwhile in another attempt to keep the rapidly spreading virus at bay the trump administration has denied at least one hundred and forty travelers entry into that state at airports and land ports. Those restrictions were put into place at the start of this month and include the temporary denial of entry to foreign nationals. Who recently visited China and as we all know a lot of airlines are no longer flying to China. I believe starting this week up until may is how long their bans on. I said this is the right thing to do or not to close out. This is notable that these type of circumstances. Yes you close the Border Tax. Mexicans like the trump administration as racist policy. This is a virus last before. Don't folks please don't use racism with this with Chinese folk? Now if you're doing that you're dead wrong but this is definitely justifiable city. You shut everything down. Nobody could come in to the to the country that's it. I tried to die because you didn't come from bats best soup eating snakes and all of that and you set culturally is susceptible over there and on what day it might be strange to us. But that's what they do. Why keep that over there so when you get sick at eating your bed soup? You can't come this because it's a weekend in sick. How best to staffer saying Bathrooms Giovane? There's a false propaganda city you go ahead and eat your bat super. WanNa say what is what soup and thanks. Okay instincts. And don't eat basil so though the liability of the factors that you get sick when you these things. I don't think you're supposed to eat them. That person we get sick eating chicken. Read me then. You have lettuce Salmonella. E-coli no doubt talk three days off. We know that's why they retire. Years live police eating soup and dying immediately. You see how me is made in America. I'd rather eat some snake. That some of this stuff buddy deer rubber match himself you rounded anyways in and people still get me tell you where they will will ring. We nasty the Fuck Center Lane Women's Alvarez in Georgia Chitlins pop and I ain't Chitlins with no power was hot sauce and I know frat Chilin which you about this thing but both building two thousand is now you guys say no. And how the test is that the city. Everybody's but you want to get on the Chinese doll in near you. Don't give a damn about your.

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