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Information, visit KBR dot com. Good morning, ten 38. It's traffic and weather on the 8s? A busy morning for Mary de pompa in the traffic center. Indeed Mark and we're going to start with things could take you by surprise. One of which is Connecticut avenue, northwest, a crash happened in front of the zoo, and they are still diverting traffic at both ends, bottom line, Connecticut, northwest will be following police direction. Checking on route 5 if you're running southbound out of Clinton toward edge plant where it earnshaw, you'll stay to the right to get by that as a work zone. Interlude with the beltway prince George's county is slow through green belt working toward lanham and passing four 50 now our mobile sweepers were blocking a left lane, the outer loop delays out of Montgomery county heavy and slow all the way across the American legion bridge and into Virginia, where you get the four 95 next project blocking the left lane so far only on the outer. We're keeping an eye on the interlude with the beltway running pretty well most of the way around in fairfax. The story in Virginia is going to be interstate 95. It's a mobile crew last spotted northbound getting toward the dumfries exit two 34, which is exit one 5 two last spotted they were along the right lane route one picking up the bailout on that. Eastbound 66 taking your ramp to the inner loop of the beltway at the end of the ramp, the crash, you still have emergency on scene and a new one on 66 east to go north on 28, you would stay far right around the curve on that ramp and they have stopped it a couple of times. Power up and save at Whole Foods market get two organic large Hass avocados for 360 nine or 360, excuse me with a prime and that's through February 21st while supply slash shop in store or online terms apply, Mary to pump with WTO P traffic. Now, the forecast from Chad Merrill. A little bit of wet pavement out there for the latter half of the morning commute but then lots of sunshine will quickly dry things out, a brief shower or thunderstorm early

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