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Game of thrones. A billion people watching. Final season. You know? I I must tell you. I have never seen a phenomenon like that people of all walks of life all ages. I mean, that's all I've been hearing no matter where I've been the grocery store the shopping mall. You know, just out and about game of thrones game of thrones. Can't wait can't wait. I mean from teens to baby boomers people just all excited. So will you be watching as the season gets set to start and the curtain come down on one of the most successful franchises in the history of entertainment a billion people watching man, that's just unbelievable. She pigging billions of people this is boy band from Korea. You know, they were on Saturday Night Live last night. And you know, I stayed up way too late as I always do caught a little bit of extremely talented for sure, but you know, just Saturday Night Live Michael Keaton spent a little. Time at the opening part of the program doing his thing. Just I. I just can't believe that this brand has been around as long as it has. I mean since the mid seventies. Lauren Michaels, they just continued to pump out amazing product. And you know, I'm not going to get into the whole thing. But you know, when you have people like Robert deniro, Michael Keaton, Ben Stiller popping up just to begin Alec Baldwin doing that whole Trump thing. I it's just gives you an idea of the kind of star power. They have. Miss stone. Emma stone actually hosting for the fourth time last night. She's done it since what she was twenty one four times. And you know, I just. It's a big deal. And you know, a lot of people have come out of that brand who've had amazing careers after. So it gives you an idea of the talent. That you know, it takes to be there. But more importantly, the people like Lorne Michaels who make the decisions who gets to go on the stage that AH it thirty rock. I mean, it just goes to show you somebody obviously knows what they're doing. So that's good to see them. And it wouldn't be Saturday night without live from New York. It's Saturday night. Now, I I don't even know where to begin today. I mean, I got this eight o'clock coffee in my hand, you just have to let me take shit because it's it's been a long morning been up since I don't know two o'clock something like that. And putting together this show a lot of moving parts. Michael garner, lotto, social media stuff up on my Facebook page Twitter. And I love you to subscribe to rob Pratt on YouTube. It's growing as we speak. And that's a good thing. It's all about good stuff. Promoting good. And that's what we like to do. But Michael getting ready to go to the game. Today, pens. Another big story there down two games to you'll hear from coach Salvin doesn't have a lot to say in our first sports report. But I think he makes a point in ain't over till? It's over Michael seems very confident in the penguins. So okay, I'll I'll listen to him. I am a little concern. And I do hope for the best today. I think they definitely have to get this one today. It's going to be on NBC at noon. We'll be talking about it on the Kuhn's market black and gold Sunday show right off the top at eleven pit blue gold game yesterday. Kenny pick. It looked really good show to Paris for the kid out of steel valley. We'll be talking more about him later today. He had six solo tackles just did a great job and and patent are doozies. Saying, you know after his performance, he's the starter. So that's this goes to show you what kind of talent that young man has and what he did yesterday and Aaron Donald stroke, the big check for the program, and Heather like they were definitely loving that and respectful of Mr. Donald and what he did giving back to the place of gave him the launching pad to end up. I believe the greatest defensive lineman right now in the National Football League playing for that great band brand. That is the LA Rams and always nice to see a young man from this part of the world. Penn hills coming back to give back. That's a great story. We'll talk about that with Greg who happened to be an alum of pit. I'm a huge fan of pit wasn't blessed enough to go there, but I've had a niece that have gone there. And I have a lot of friends in the dental school who've graduated and still their physicians lawyers. Just I don't know. It's it's good stuff. So I'm I'm real happy about it was a nice day yesterday for the blue goal game. You know that kind of snuck up on me, and it's just been so much stuff going on in the big story. Really in sports. Even though you know, we. Fitchburg, you know, all of the stuff that I mentioned very important this master's tournament. And you know, I just did a little video, and you know for twenty years I did play by play. I mean, I did every type of play by play. I've done boxing on the radio. We actually did it here on Katie k radio many years ago. The first boxing blow by blow on the radio in over fifty years at the time. I mean, it was it was a pretty historical achievement for Katie k radio and Ted are no. And I happened to do that many years ago, but I've done high school wrestling. I've done basketball baseball football. Did it on one of the things you never do in baseball? Is you say he's got a no hitter before the no hitter is complete because that puts a jinx on him. And I have really as you know, I've really been playing pretty cool about Tiger Woods. I'm a huge fan of Tiger Woods. And you know, Bob Ford, who I spent a little time with the the video side of things earlier this week he should Seminole now used to be the director of golf in the pro at Oakmont just an incredible individual. He no he really was the first. Baptize me in the Tiger Woods. And I mean, I'm just a mega fan of Tiger Woods. And I just you know, he's two shots back today. And I'm Jay, and this is the best. He's done since like, oh six there. I'm just going to not say a word, and you know, I mean, you got an Italian who's trying to become the first talion to win it, and I've got actually Italian blood in the veins, and that's pretty exciting Francesco Molinari. You got Tony finale. Remember him for years ago dish located the ankle there? I mean, this is a great story books kept Phil Mickelson. They're all in the hunt. But man, I gotta tell you. I got a special place in my heart for Tiger Woods in the eye. Man. I this would be great to say. But I'm just going to be quiet. But if you heard Steve Futterman who's gonna join Larry John Maher. He's at the masters might be the best on spot reporter in the history of broadcasting. There's nothing I mean, you can put them there of the Oscars. He gets it done. Okay. He's just a phenomenal talent. He's been with me many times on the radio. I love Steve Futterman. But they're going to start things early today, which is a cool thing, and we're going to have masters leaderboard updates with Melinda. Roeder the first ones coming up at five forty two AM, and she'll be joining us throughout the day with that stuff. So really some exciting stuff happening today. I'm glad you're here..

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