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Cousins. We got kids. We get publicist. We got everybody here today. I got a question for you. We're GONNA put me on the spot. I know you're actually I am what you were fourteen years old. What was your biggest accomplishment? Ah Let's see fourteen <hes> let's see I think <hes> that was the year I cut the grass for quarter and my dad wanted me to go to for other people like Nah now this is this is enough doing it for us here and he had he had to push me to do that. You know I I was fourteen. Hey look around. We're having fun here. I'm laying out in the sun during the summer here. I'm not working that sounds about right and there's the listeners point to that question that was not a random of because because are very very special guest today. It probably figured out her age by now. That's supposed to disclose hester ahead of time so it was okay is Carina Tar Sadia so Korean welcome to the show so excited to have you here. I know you've got a lot to tell us so. It can't wait to hear more about what you're doing. In this great project you're working on. She did something more than I did a fourteen she actually did a project puts up together at fourteen while Korean before we get <hes> you have again a great project. It's a it's a charitable. <hes> event of we're going to speak about but <hes> I'd love to know kind of how you've got to wear your today like Intel suitable more about yourself well. I was fourteen years old. When I started the project Jack and since two thousand six my family and I have been taking service trips every other year to places like India Zambia Cambodia and these trips bought me and my family together which really like bonded us in ways we didn't expect and it kind of inspired me to create something and give back in my own backyard? Wow that's really really great. Okay is this is the Zambia like up in the valley. I I forgot resembling most kids when they're fourteen. Don't know where any of this point here so <hes> what inspired you to give back in your own backyard here in Orange County well we <hes> on all these trips I saw incredible poverty which inspired me to do something in my hometown and so I created a goal to give away twenty five sorry five thousand talk to children in need in Anaheim in Anaheim all right <hes> and <hes> why a backpack cool because education is really important <hes> and with great education you can succeed in your life and according to a survey done by Huntington Bank parents can expect to pay for one child anywhere between six hundred dollars two thousand dollars feel. No it can be really expensive in so you so your thought was hey we can put the other backpack with full of of of school items. The Elliott school supplies in were also throwing a hygiene kit right Paul Hygiene Kit Hygiene Kit got. It is their name for this project. Did you give it a name yeah. It's called krinos backpack project arenas backpack project okay and is our website or any of that for it. Can we can others donate and participate paid. Yes the website is Korea's backpack project dot org and on the website you can find all our social media's and you can sign up and you can actually volunteer <hes> do the website. Did you <hes> from the beginning so you had this idea the something you wanted to do. How did it evolve from there? Do you have friends or family or did your classmates or do. Are you websites designer what to do. How did this happen? Well is Kinda. I like my Grandpa is founder of an organization called joy of sharing and their tagline is to come together and give together and that kind of like one along something I've always wanted the do and so I decided to actually partner with that and <hes> my grandpa like has always been telling us since day one that education is really important and like education is the key to success excise. Yeah I mean if he this is his chair this joy of sharing his his jerry so we must have taught you about the the great benefit of giving back. Did you learn that from him yeah okay and and as a partner with see what's going to be doing to help you well. He is actually going to be he's just like our main partner and like he's GonNa like fee there and he's GonNa have a booth and he's also going to like share about. How what he does there and we're also going to have other organizations? Come out to the vet and they're going to teach <hes> families that need a little bit more help <hes> about their organization so they can. I see that they need now. Do you have see so. You're <hes> fifteen now so you would an highschool starting high school this year freshman yeah profession no or any of your classmates <hes> helping you're participating yeah. They're all GONNA volunteer yeah. What are the volunteered? What are they gonNA need to do? Well you need to like sign up and you can sign up through a website and we've a bunch of different jobs at consign it for what they WanNa do hatchery this Saturday. We're having a backpack assembly day for just volunteers and they're going to be helping US pacal the backpacks and putting all the hygiene kits in and then on August fourth the day of the vet. We're GONNA have the volunteers they can't help with the carnival boots and it can help with the entertainment of like that so let's talk about the event that's so what's taking place at the Angel Stadium Yeah. How did you get yeah? It's not like Paul can't get the no well. My goal is to like target as many people in need as I can and so I needed a really big area or that and I decided to reach out to the Angel Stadium and when I reached out to that they were willing to actually host the vet and their parking lot we're going to have <hes> the <hes> we're GonNa have also the Anaheim ducks come out there street hockey team and they're gonNA come out and then we're also gonNA had <hes> because we know it's in the Anaheim area so we're going to have in both of those people come out to get the straight so you called Angel Stadium Yourself. You got some and how about the ducks. Did you get them yourself or did you get hope with that. Help with that. Ah But we went and I actually met with I didn't get I didn't have a chance to meet with the ducks personally but I did have a chance to meet with the Angel Stadium and I presented presented to them in there really willing to work with US especially exciting. How many people are you expecting to come about? Ed Say fifteen thousand people with including the volunteers fifteen dollars two thousand fifteen thousand people are going to show up to this event that you put together as a fourteen year old girl here thousand per year of eight exactly exactly so okay so you start you did say a little bit about so you're GonNa have what like games and and exhibits and like what kind of entertainment we're GONNA have a few people dance professional dancers yeah come out <hes> we're also going to have leads a grocery bags station along along with the backpacks. They're going to be giving away free grocery bags with like groceries to kick off the school year and also we're going to have a haircut haircut station where every kid can get a haircut of their first as school so they can look now. Did you get no doubt to sank there from Anaheim. Band Gwen is going to be you know so in preparation was not. It's not that far away do what's the process are you are. People don't tweeted one of the dates. What would they does certain plus? It's GonNa be taken place on August four from ten A._M.. To Four P._M.. And there's going to be all the things I just said all like the different sections ends and it's honestly just going to be really fun event to bring the community together and how do you get the word out to people who need these services. How did they find out about the other than stations like this? How how are you promoting it to them well I we he? Can I like research some schools in need and we kinda like what through the schools and communicated with the schools. How'd you come up with five thousand? That's that's a lie well. Originally I wanted to give away twenty five tossing backpacks but I know that's a really big number especially for the first year of doing something like this so I decided to cut down. It'd be realistic and go for five thousand back to the first year <hes> but I someday really want to give away twenty five dozen backpacks. That's my goal so <hes> my family and I decided that we're GonNa make this annual event so great and then to you get the payback so you're you're getting donations. I assume he and you're taking their Daesh money and you're buying the backpacks and the supplies yes so that is that happening like every week you more money more supplies more backpacks or actually we have all this applies in fact backpacks right now and right now we mainly are looking. Were getting the grocery supplies in we have the hygiene kits made did that last week and this taken. We're GONNA be actually packing all the backpacks. It's going to take a while. We're all the backpacks the same yes what color they some are gray black and then somewhere orange. So the non the same so if someone wants to register as a volunteer or if they want to receive a backpack how do they do that they can go to our website Krona's backpack project dot org and and literally right when you pop on the screen. They'll be like two tabs in you compress if you WANNA volunteer or if you want to sign up for okay. How do you get all the backpacks? We're I mean people donating or are you. Are you raising money to go buy them. What would were where do you get all these supplies and backpacks? We've been raising the money and we went out to buy the backpacks but <hes> I know. Some people donated some supplies. Are there any special event partners. You want to make sure that youth thank for this event right. Let's get your sponsor trying to get out of people sponsoring this. I want to say thank you to all our partners in individual donors and local school in nonprofit nonprofit organizations and especial shoutout to advance.

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