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I guess we're here. And that's kind of what we saw. So I wouldn't even say it was just Russ. I thought a lot of the team just didn't look that interested. And then the second half, they woke up. Yeah, you know, I'm happy you brought that up because you don't have to look any further than the Phoenix Suns that lost on prime time television against the hawks on Thursday, came out today and absolutely waxed the wizards and basically showed like, yeah, no, we're still the best team in the league. That's how you would expect the Lakers to come out after losing in prime time as well. And again that they probably should have one. And you get another chance to look good on prime time television. It gets struggling next to you. This is the team that I said it earlier at the show. There are a lot of parallels between these two teams. This season. And so this was like a get right game for both of them, it felt like it was just so happens the Lakers actually got to win this time. But yeah, it's telling that it took herculean efforts from three guys to barely scratch out a way. Like the comments that. A creative player said nicks could use Russ if they wanted to rebuild or sell tickets during it. Well, that's the old Knicks. That's what the old nicks used to do and we praised the next so much for not doing that kind of stuff last year and it led to success for them. But the trade that drivers fournier birx Kemba for rust DJ Ellington 2027 first, Nick should rebuild. Bobby marks trade, huh? Yeah. Yeah. Why would they do that? They won't. Yeah, sorry. It's like, I get it. Having rest for a season, maybe you can talk yourself into, yeah, he just needs a different change of scenery. And we have the pieces in coaching staff to do it. But if you're a knife fan, can you talk yourself into us like, honestly? No. I don't see any team talking themselves into Russell Westbrook, knowing that he's making 44 million this year in 47 million next year. Things like if Russ was at 10 million, sure. Sure, somebody would. And that's where we can confuse this. And we could say Russ has zero utility as a player. He's terrible. He's awful. And we get that sort of idea from his contract. He's worth 44 million? No. But if he was at 10 million, then there probably would be some trade options here. There'd probably be a team that would say, well, if he's willing to come off the bench or he's willing to do this or do whatever, fine, but at his price, I just can't see a team being realistically interested. Maybe I'm wrong, somebody asked to, you know, what would you bet would you bet that a Westbrook trade happens by Thursday? No. I think it's bet the house again. Yeah. Are there odds? Can I have odds? I will bet the house against. Absolutely. And you should. I think it's extremely unlikely. The Westbrook gets moved by the trade deadline. Yeah, no. All right. Sean Edwards. Indy gets favors Ellington, the 28 second OKC gets rust 27 first. And you get money for monk potential wall buyout can retool and free agency..

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