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The way a man doesn't Based on to the left of Philipp Grubauer. Will be taken by just it will be won by the Golden Knight Tuck. To the point Martinez he'll get it below the goal line. Girard works his way loose off the boards, broken stick, and Martinez has at the point shot is no problem for Grubauer. He hangs on right at the belly button. We get a whistle with 3 23 to go in the first, Peter still no score. Still no score, but you're starting to see little things. Eventually. Connor this The Avalanche lack of success on the faceoffs right? Something's going to happen because it's one thing to lose him in the offensive zone, but they're losing them in the defensive zone. And sooner or later, something bad is gonna happen. They're gonna have to get stronger. Those faceoffs. Is there an easy fix? And no Because now tendencies are being said now. Confidence is part of it, and that's one of the things that really starts to roll for a player. Once you especially obviously a center, Iceman, but once you get on a roll, you think you can beat anybody. And once you get a negative role, you don't think you can win a draw. So that's what the avalanche needed right now. They've got to get some winds. So they're confident making those draws blander Scott can win. He's been the best so far from Soderbergh. Landeskog is two for three and he's not going to go against Carlson is going to be Marcia Show instead. These the ones you have to win. When you get a winger in against Landeskog, you gotta win these draws. David Breeze bought the linesman is coming with some signals. And now he returns to his assigned post faceoff is one by Landeskog. It is Kalma car off the wall. Mikko Rantanen sneaky out of nowhere. Branton will dump it deep and give chase. That's what the avalanche have to do. The open night is not going to be there for Colorado. They block it at the blue Line. Taken back by Vegas, McKinnon acts it back now for Kale Macara. He stands pat in his own zone with 33 appropriate for the Avalanche to go in the first period, And it's got nice pass for McKinnon aspect or off the side of the Net as Mikko Rantanen was lurking at the back post, and that's the best scoring chance. The night for Colorado. McKinnon, waiting for granted him to get onside plays it back for Kale, my car and a safety. That's the creativity piece, isn't it right there, Peter McDonald, and maybe the best five on five chance the Avalanche Big line has had in the last two games. Comes. Vegas slapshot is fake. No angle. Try group hours, tops it again hacked away from him. And now the puck is loose up the far boards. Grubauer had it very awkwardly. He was in his pads. And the Vegas forward, I think was Brown came in and knocked it loose. Fortunately for Colorado went, why As Tyson Joe's knocked down to the ice. Brown has it looking for a pass shot. Save Grubauer Puck is loose, and Grubauer is able to find it doing a snow angel on his stomach. Grubauer covers up the puck. There's a penalty upcoming Wes McCauley has made a decision. And we will see who or rather here who right now? 24. Colorado's got a minor for interference, so they had to have been on Will. Kerry was in front? Yeah. I mean, the puck is right there, Peter, and then the shoves him aside. I thought that was just in front of the Net battle. Yeah, and Mammoth just was it was too big and too strong. Just pushed him up and over, but they get the call. De Boer very public about The officials last game. After last game before today. Same thing that happened in Game three of the ST Louis Blues Series break Berube with some public complaints. Power play opportunities are to nothing Vegas in this first period. The soft one cleanly by pants already to the point it is Theodore back Patch ready at the hash marks that's already holding Now. Theodore walks the blue line back for patch right top of the circle. He lets him go Save me by Grubauer Puck is loose, and it's in the far circle. Nobody has that the ads do and they Back handed down ice. Place. It's excessively loud and it's not the fans. Yes, that's good video. It's It's overkill. In the worst way, Bats already off the wall that you can't get to it. Theodore has it backhands with the corner. Martinez is there now back for Theodore over for patch ready? He had some space. Don't give it to him back door sliding the block. It is Ryan Graves, as can't clear Theodore, the blue line patch already near side circle. His shot is deflected up into.

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