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What the grips can be like you know apart from that is as a driver what makes tronto though challenging according to my good friend and teammates mr inch cliff is getting a good car balance over all the different that's their fish changes they go through and that's what the the most challenging thing but he loves the track i haven't germany yet minicar but i'm sure i'm gonna love it as well i think every laugh knowing that there's going to be great canadian supports not gonna hurt either no not at all not at all now when inches in toronto he doesn't go home to his house in oakville he stays at the track in the motorhome what do you do i will be staying at the brand new hotel ac okay that's handy though isn't it yeah i don't i don't have a motorhome yet something something in the pipeline for years to come but you haven't thank from hotel hotel but i definitely actually the funny thing is i'm not even i don't even have a home in candidate anymore i have a cottage in muskoka and that's it and i'm definitely not needing from skokie to the track every morning you know what though as you say most of that grandstands going to be pulling for you and i foresee a pretty darn good weekend for both you and and hinchcliffe robert the very very best of luck with this the fans are loving this combo the great season that you're having and we look forward to seeing you on the streets of toronto in a few days so thanks very much for this and travel safe my friend thanked canadians now have to bona fide chances at winning hometown raise the toronto indie robert wickens as better than great chance to become the first canadian winner out the indians paul tracy did it in ninetythree then again in two thousand and three there's robert wiggins on race line radios spam connect teammate and good buddy james hinchcliffe we'll be by with his half of the preview in our second guests segment he will join us live after his win in iowa all right well let's whip up another pitstop but coming up the subaru race on email bag trivia contest then the mayor of bench down after his big win in the iowa corn this is.

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