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Is your chance to celebrate their good deeds it's WTOP's top kids awards in partnership west federal credit union nominate the top kid in your life there's two chances to win $500 and be featured on WTOP each month on air and online now through October 28 visit WTOP WTOP .com and search top kids sponsored by northwest federal credit union this is WTOP news 523 the Department of Health and Human Services is recommending new marijuana policy that would essentially decriminalize its use on the federal level the recommendation from HHS Terry Javier Becerra is that marijuana be moved from a schedule one to a schedule three controlled substance rescheduling the drug would reduce or potentially eliminate criminal penalties for possession marijuana is currently classified as a schedule one drug alongside heroin and LSD there's mixed reaction to the possible change in Congress in 1995 Clint Eastwood directed himself in a romance with Meryl Streep now the bridges of Madison County has hits a signature theater in Virginia although the show didn't run very long on Broadway because of the score and because of the cast it kind of has this almost iconic reputation people are oh like the bridges of Madison County Mark Evans plays the Clint Eastwood role of traveling photographer Robert Kincaid while Aaron Davey plays the Meryl Streep role of housewife Francesca the score is by Jason Robert Brown and I remember seeing the original Broadway production ten years ago and was blown away by it you thought was a bridge you thought it was the water the show runs now through September 17th at Signature Theatre Jason for L .E .W .T .O .P. News sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white think red and we're talking tennis with Dave Preston this morning that's right US Open men's

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