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At 227 that works out to an average of four a week. Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines had the three highest death tolls. We have a crash on the four or five in West L. A. That's one was along the North Bong side and it's coming right up on Santa Monica Boulevard. Two left lanes blocked another motorcycle involved in this one, and that's going to really jam up the drive getting out of Culver City, pushing back from the 90 beyond the crash. The driver opens up for just about a minute, but then slowing ahead from almost morada as you travel to the five merge in San Fernando. Let's check in with Michael Brian K. F Eye in the Sky sponsored by injury, attorney Superwomen super lawyer dot com. He's got Costa Mesa Drive for the four or five Angels. Four or five north down out of Costa Mesa. You're loading up there just a little before that 73 hook up at a back. Well, just about Fairview there from Fairview del through the construction zone, and I know you know this. They've got the K rails right against the freeway there, so there's just no room to move around there. It's very heavy up to that zone up to about balsa, and then it shakes free pretty lightly into Long Beach. Now we've got another problem on the five Dortmund at the 55. Looks like they did clear lanes there. Another one may be coming up now round of Tampa Reeves. Looks like that's adding destroying, leaving the 1 33 up into Santa Ana has a dog stand 55 that's going to load up from the four or five up through the five injured in an accident visit. Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien, KF eye in the sky, the homeopath on the 15 North Bunson down at just before Ken would to Cleghorn KF eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Terrible headline here, not beef prices up 14% this year. Oh, I heard one of the major grocery chains is warning everybody that your.

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