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Is a lot of new reporting to get to tonight and our team of correspondents is standing by to cover it all with minimal Marcus is gonna lead off our coverage in Dauphin Island, Alabama, where there's already flooding tonight. Good evening, Manny. Good evening, Nora. The worst of this storm is not expected to hit this area until well into tomorrow. But already tonight here along Dolphin Island, Alabama, as you can see, we're already getting the first impact of Hurricane Sally gusty winds churning up the waves on the water already lapping up to where we're standing. Has time to prepare runs out. The threat of Hurricane Sally comes into focus. Storm surge of up to 11 FT. For parts of the Gulf Coast and rainfall of up to 16 inches. Just don't take any chances with storms always going to be prepared. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana old declare A state of emergency were here in course it change every day almost every hour. Of 7 to 11. Ft. Of Storm Surge Andrew Villages, the mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi. The winds are going to be an issue, but the storm surge. The Flying is your biggest concern. That's what kills people and that's why you wanted to get out. Earlier forecasts show the hurricane making a direct hit on New Orleans. Sally is now tracking east, but officials still aren't taking any chances. CBS News is media Is there as floodgates closed and the city braces for a potential storm surge, so the system was put into place after Hurricane Katrina? The idea is a big middle door behind me is gonna close tightly and minimize the storm surge that goes into the city. Even before intensifying. Sally had already dumped close to a foot of rain in parts of Florida Like keys, the National Hurricane Center is predicting the storm surge will be deadly and officials People get out time to leave. Dauphin Island is quickly approaching. That's because a bridge is the only road way on or off the island, and it will be shut down as soon as the winds get too high. The storm surge here Is expected to be anywhere from 6 to 9 Ft. And Nora. Clearly, that would be well over our heads. Any bohorquez. Thank you for your reporting tonight. Thank you. Let's get the latest now from CBS's Lonnie Quinn. So, Lonnie, the storm is expected to be extremely dangerous. So you better look hurricanes often come with more water than wind. This one has both. It's goingto pack a punch in both areas. Now, take a look what we're dealing with. Right now. The storm has 100 mile per hour winds. It's a category 240 miles southeast of blocks in Mississippi. Where do I think landfall is gonna be, And exactly when I want to be more precise on that, I think will be somewhere right around the Mississippi Alabama border. As a Category two, if not a Category three. It's going to be borderline boy. It's going to be close, and I do believe it's gonna pack a punch with water. I mean, ah lot of rain, but also storm surge around Morgan Mobile Bay could be you know, 7 to 11 ft. And let the rainfall totals anywhere from a foot to 2 ft. In this area, shaded in black in Mississippi Alabama border that could be 2 ft or more of rain. And then if you take a look at what else is out there? We got all kinds of names in the Atlantic Basin We got Paulette. We've got Rene. We've got Sally Teddy Vicky, this could very well become Wilfried. It is a record.

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