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Plants full the hell out of me as a kid. I knew way too old when we talk about this before on the show here when i discovered that love boat wasn't shot on a boat like when we were on the set it was like what are you what that i. I was in my twenties date. When i when i heard about the railing with the green screen and like most of the show is that the people leaning railing and talking with me the but i felt for i did do and when you see it now it looks crazy fake like i enjoy that so much like seeing shit that was i loved when i was a kid that is so cheap. Shoddy were huge huge huge it. You must appointment television every saturday. Hours of power love boat and then fantasy island right if you watch it now. Unwatchable own sure. I thought i was talking with bryan safi about doing a love boat. Rewatch pod boy looked up. How many seasons of the there's no way out. What is it like twelve or something each a million episodes would you and i don't want to give anything away. He's got some thoughts on this. But would you have jill whelan. Would you have a ted lon john. Would you have lower. Tweezers join you. I didn't imagine at that way. I don't mean every episode. i mean sure. why not. You know like why not who's still alive. I named the three milton. Berle brig randy still alive. He's still alive. And you get granny. Granny you get. Granny charlie get the you get the old math ranco pedestal live. No bernie's on. Are you sure we lost him. I want to say what is twenty one twenty eighteen. We lost bernie. Shed look that up. And the catherine and also is that right twenty eighteen. He is still alive. But kevin macleod died. Last year we lost a mountain or it may last year. I think our early this year early this year. Maybe we can probably say that bernard is not going to be around much longer since we're talking about him by how old is he. He's eighty eight eighty eight. Brigham what's the.

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