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Super st lucia i don't think and i don't think he's very although he's like he he went to neither us c o is that it would dirt was he like kia went to college and then he was like going he was started grad school i think to become a lawyer and then he stopped to be a model when he was high was hot and i just didn't work out for him because he went on a different peadon without no or as the tourist i mean i feel i i don't mean to fat shame rob it's more of like a personality shaming no and i think it's not i think he'd be fine if you were fat and he liked himself and he was because it's very obvious he doesn't like himself the way that he treats other people think that it would be fine if he was like fat and love and life right on anderson here it's just like like a dismal anderson have some sort of like a like a condition no i think there might be like a weird sex thing about who talking about manzo marked you were out on all of them i was i've been watching a a lot of girls next door recently in the arid i've read every like book about being at the playboy mansion so i went back with that knowledge of like of holly's book and stuff and just like the people that hugh hefner like his hang out with like bill cosby and like woody allen and a roman polanski like they're all they were all at the london opening of the original playboy club there and then he would like give out kwilu dhs two girls according to holly and called them leg open earth of which lake ease managed to actually like pull off this sort of lake.

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