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We'll talk college football tie Holden brand from the cell verbal podcast in just a minute but first Chris Buckingham a dollar singing for job in hood tonight let's get a in game report from Jesse Rogers live from Wrigley Field what's up Jesse white cops trailing oodle one guy here in the top of the fifth inning the white Sox made a heck of a trade with the Oakland a is back in the day Jeff Samardzija for Chris Bassett market Simeon and both guys are leading the way for the card the ace tonight so far Simeon with a two one opposite field shot in the thirteen that the loan here of the game for Oakland meanwhile back that has given up just one run on six hits that run a Nicholas castallanos opposite field shot its first over at the card that came in the first inning that lead evaporated with me in one it came after jurickson Profar walked to lead off the third the first walk up starters given in a week so things going okay for counter to except for those two moments walkie probe are they giving up the two run shot this to me again only of the game culturally to one under the hood with Jonathan hood weeknights on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app I think what what the league does it with defense is doing general is they eventually do catch up the specific offenses and schemes that you do the second time you see something you know they can adjust to it but then that's our job we control we control every play so as long as we're well I was talked about their chasing the cat's tail so what's new wrinkles this year well some different things and then they're gonna have to just that Chris black enameled also you for Johnson hood tonight on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app.

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