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What's the, what's the number that would make you then not go white people. If it was seven dollars, would you be like. All right. Okay. Frees me for seven dollars still. It wasn't seven. It's still it's always going to be white. Walk into shower, whereas code white people some since you have at your house, but that part, but do believe that it is probably one of those things where it's like it's a thousand dollars. Because if it's thirty dollars, you wouldn't do it right. Like you can't. You don't freeze your body even if it only causes them a nickel, they'd make more money if they charged ninety dollars than thirty because. Like I'm not gonna. Have you freeze my body for the price of a transformer. How much was I don't? I. Hundred seventy nine fucking that's my own. And my guess is one hundred seventy nine, right? Okay. And there's specials for couples. And what's anyway Joe? Joe Joe's telling me do this, do this man? You didn't. They play music and you dance around there if you want. And I got Do you. you get to pick the music? Yeah. What song did you did you play Joel? Tell me and he's like, you got all bashful, and he goes. Do you believe in life after love. I share because Joe's a huge share fan as we know we like he loves share like not, I ride I learned from this. Well, he goes to share concert. It's it's amazing. So I go Kate, and so we go there any books. Is it seventy seventy? Coupon. It's like this. Ice on your head. I'll make feel and come back. He'll deal. Anyway, we because we're a couple of weeks go in the into the chamber at the same time and they go, okay, you're right. Mr.. Scrabble. Cape friend. Whatever we're standing in our underwear, getting ready to reserves to debt. And and and he says, what music do you want to listen to? And Kate goes money for nothing. And I'm like, no, we have to do. Do you believe in life after love my share. Come on. All right, sure, fine. Share a thing? Yeah, because we're a couple of week and do that. Okay. You and I can do it next. Okay. And so we go in there and guy goes, yeah, we'll play that song. We gotta apple, whatever. Put it on the. It goes in. It's freezing. And you remember being in Wisconsin where you're like, I gotta throw out this. I got to let the dog and whatever. I'm too lazy to put on a jacket or hats or whatever. It's like that feeling. I remember it Christly and it goes and it's freezing. So the music comes on and it's the wrong song. So everybody, I'm assuming, do you believe. If the love good song good song to jump around like an idiot so you don't freeze to death. Instead they play what's the song? I wrote it down after all by share and Peterson terra, which is this love bat ballot. After after all that we been through, it's just this. And we're both going. Got it. Wrong song, begging on the glass wrong song in the guys like. He's Carney. He's just like booth at a gate. He could see you wanna go cold. It's pretty, it's pretty close to do you all have to get naked for this, but underwear we're both here. Not wearing pants. Yeah. I mean, you're in your own. That's not naked. I know. But the important answer to your question is this is a ridiculous situation. And it's much more than a lot of us could get paid seventy dollars to do. I don't. I'm not trying to high road this. I don't want to be one of these practical guys anyway. Seventy dollars to be cold. I'm not going to be that guy. Don't. I'm not. You're not allowed. You crazy pays seventy dollars to. Of simulate living in a post apocalyptic. Place in Boston where I spend nine hours a night.

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