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Cumulus stations news now news at five thirty I'm a real leaf and we are standing by right now for the nightly briefing from the White House coronavirus task force we are told it will be getting under way at any moment as soon as that does get under way we will bring it to you life prince William county Virginia health department has identified three possible sites for beds were coronavirus patience prince William county executive Christopher Martinez says the three sites are the Dulles expo center George Mason University and the national conference center in Loudon getting the medical staff is a challenge we look through volunteers on the medical corps and they might even resulting in us calling on the military the county's anticipating a surge in cases based on a model from the university of Washington state creek is expected to be in the latter half of may into just into June little after June first barber Brett W. M. A. L. in W. one A. L. dot com California officials say early aggressive stayed home measures are improving the prospects for slowing down the pandemic there this is governor Gavin Newsom takes about twenty one days and the good times to get those unemployment checks out we still want to maintain that status in these difficult times but it's a hundred and nine thousand on a seven day trailing average of unemployment insurance claims in the state we average twenty five hundred before this crisis the first day of the second economic quarter of the year did not get off to a good start start on Wall Street the bottom line investors are coming to the realization that the corona virus shut down maybe much longer than they originally anticipated that caused prices to drop today and the Dow Jones industrial average closed down nine hundred and seventy three points or four point four percent the S. and P. five hundred and nasdaq experienced similar losses folks on Wall Street are also very concerned about the liquidity issue and many companies running up their lines of credit to the Max correspondent Steve cast involved well in a normal world this would be big news a major project on the Chesapeake Bay bridge.

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