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Corner making is there it's highly possible although you and I may disagree with it Anthony Fauci is modest person Redskins stadium are fed ex field that may be true but what's also not true is that the if you were in that stadium with eighty thousand screaming fans because fans collectively would be much smarter than he is Bill Gates might be the smartest person at CenturyLink field field but collectively all the Seahawks fans are smarter than he is and the point I'm making is that that's why markets work so well it's not that the Soviet Union didn't have brilliant experts iron countries certain countries didn't have amazingly smart people but one person can never combine all the knowledge that the market place to people with different different skills different different angles on things can combine and that's why when we leave it up to experts to basically guide us through a crisis they create the crisis it's been my point for quite a while that this thing was based upon a projection of these August bodies that turned out to be false and one there when the policy based upon false modeling turned out to be incorrect and I don't think there's some malicious intent going back in March and they simply were wrong when they made their predictions especially doctor professor die Dr Christopher Murray he was wrong when he did it and when you're faced a policy upon a falsehood and then and actually done turn out pursuant to the hypothesis it may make more sense to deal with facts instead of a someone predict might happen and so whether it's Ohio Texas California New York there was predictions of a one to two point two million dead Americans in my home state of Ohio it was predicted that twenty to twenty four thousand Ohioans would die at this point the number is one thousand and forty now that's bad if you're one of the one thousand forty that's bad but that's a far cry for twenty four thousand there are good governor Mike DeWine instead of saying three four five weeks into the steel lock these projections are false what we're going to flatten the curve and that was the goal we don't have a curve to flatten in most states especially Texas and Florida the emergency rooms are not overwhelmed they're now going into the second month pretending as if we're having a pandemic in most of the country one we're not and so when your point is if you relied upon the judgments of eighty thousand people collectively they're probably a lot smarter than doctor felt she without question that's why markets are smoked so smart is there a corporate the knowledge of everyone she answers any surprise that anytime the government deems something a crisis but they actually create one user suddenly allowing people who are bright it was very near of your view points to set policy for everyone but fails I want to stress when has model we never been correct when have economists ever gotten something right almost by definition they have been in that they happen is critical the same reason we're describing they're trying to put model the infinite actions of hundreds of millions and realistically billions of people there's not there's no reasonable way to do that and so what I've said all along as I understand the hell of this but even if it's true even if they'd modeled three million four million five million American deaths my answer still would have always been the only answer is freedom you do not fight a disease or virus with mass unemployment mass bankruptcy in poverty you can only fight that with economic growth at which point she do you need a water bill do you need someone to force you to protect yourself from something that might kill you obviously not you you're not stupid the Americans get it people around the world get it if if something threatens us we're going to protect ourselves we don't need Mike DeWine or anyone telling us to do that and John Tammy I we come to know as adults how to conduct ourselves when government says to us whether you're in California Texas Ohio Florida Wisconsin Michigan don't leave your home if you do leave your home you must be six feet away from somebody else there's all kinds of nonessential jobs the great majority of American people I've been told that you don't matter you don't count and I have the most recent which I ran off about six PM a few hours ago in California her one hundred thousand there's five deaths per one hundred thousand in Florida there six deaths per one hundred thousand in Ohio there are five deaths per one hundred thousand in Texas there are three deaths per one hundred thousand in Wisconsin there's five deaths per one hundred thousand Nevada there are eight deaths per one hundred thousand by any fair definition is not a crisis is not a pandemic now if you're one of the eight that's a that's a crisis but even forty percent of those individuals were nursing homes not a general risk walking around we have a pandemic in search of a crisis the government made it a crisis so now we're in a complete absolute breakdown I had Mike DeWine on you call me and I have my own twice a week in Ohio and I asked him the question are these numbers out of Ohio a crisis when in Ohio but we have eight out of one hundred thousand people have died and the hospitals are empty they're laying off doctors and respiratory nurses that the hospitals are losing millions of dollars every day is is the pandemic still going on and he said yes I still work where the hell is it it is not in Cincinnati is not in Texas it is not even a state like Maryland Massachusetts is bad main main main has four deaths per one hundred thousand and the governor of Maine to shut down the entire state for the next two months John what what's happened is a collective insanity what's going on what I think is going on as politicians are always trying to cover themselves what's the old saying wind all warm warms health the state I've always said I crises are the state's oxygen politicians live for a reason to exist what are you most government programs a bureaucracy in search of a purpose and say here we have a scenario where there's this possibility and to what politicians do they don't want to be on record as having not done nothing hence they do something and in doing something they always and everywhere created crisis she no one's talking about the much bigger crisis which is poverty which is we were just celebrating a few months ago how billions around the world finally a merging from poverty and these politicians around the world quite literally forced command and control shut down the global economy and if pushed quite literally hundreds of millions of people back into destitution thirty million plus Americans and I'm sorry once again shame on president trump he his initial instincts were correct to maybe not worry too much he had a chance to be different he had a chance to say I will not shut down the concrete to fight the virus in fact I will lead people to reach to the booming economy booming growth can be matched with talent on the way to finding a cure why did he not stick to his instincts he proved to be just like every other politician every time there's they they create crisis in there because they create them because they can't whenever I've had your own for ten years the most optimistic guy I knows John Tammy I watch you on fox morning Saturday morning quite often you have a great column right now real clear markets dot com I the other day when it was it was here yesterday Saturday or Friday but we had a circumstance where where we had the greatest investor in the world Warren Buffett say no problem we're going to come back strong and I'm not I probably I pray to god that's the case do you have the same optimism is Warren Buffett no question I I do and and let let's remember why politicians have been doing this for much longer than we've been alive they've been getting us into wars they've been creating financial crises as you know you've been having me on parks I think over ten years two thousand eight doesn't happen without politicians meddling in the network into March this is what politicians do they constantly they get us into wars in in people die they said they waste money and just sickening fashion once again entrepreneurs will bail these guys out they always do is an entrepreneur he used to call me in two thousand nine S. are you worried she said are you kidding because I'm way too smart for a bomb I was way too smart the bush can entrepreneurs never forget they spend every day thinking the next day is going to be the company's much till night spent eighteen years going to the Nike was going to die he had to tell his wife every night some optimistic line that he didn't believe to entrepreneurs this is not the initial once again politicians created an economic contraction this was never help related this was all about a political crack up in America's entrepreneurs will once again you're out ways take risks and get the U. S. moving again and the idiot politicians will take credit ice we we owe it to history to make sure that they don't take credit this time there will be no future trump economies are biting economies the economy is what the with the real people that the entrepreneurs create these politicians just put barriers in the way and they did it again hi I'm watching the present if you are to go on fox and with a great backdrop in answer to a question from someone in charge of that said why don't you do more Mister president why didn't you do more and I'm thinking do more yes I wanted to do less so I want to share with the American people tonight a column right next year is a real clear markets dot com what stock occurred in the middle of a pandemic there was another deadly flu epidemic in United States the flu spread from Hong Kong United States arriving in December nineteen sixty eight and picking your your later that killed one hundred thousand Americans mostly over the age of sixty five and over one million worldwide nineteen sixty nine you probably weren't even around yet but I I I was like I was in college and it was very good references to the Hong Kong flu that killed a whole much more killed many more Americans that will dive from covert nineteen in and then the world we got one million I had to go for in other words that the pandemic of six nineteen sixty nine once by a factor of four much worse than the current pandemic stock markets did not crash Congress passed no legislation the federal reserve did nothing not a single governor acted to enforce social distancing flattening the curve no mothers were arrested for taking their kids to the other what somebody else's home no surfers were arrested no day cares are shut down and and no drug overdoses the media covered the pandemic every now and then on the nightly news it wasn't a big issue so what how is it possible that in nineteen sixty nine forgetting nineteen nineteen for the time being and most lives in being we had a terrible pandemic that killed a whole lot more Americans and worldwide than the current one but this one is the worst thing ever because we're experiencing it and my theory is this we didn't have cable news every newsroom in America has four five TV sets up that they have right there fox news and MSNBC they got CNN they had C. 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