Senior Manager, FBI, Pfizer Court discussed on The Dan Bongino Show


So not only to mccabe not recused himself from the clinton investigation he was a senior manager at the fbi while they they attempted to go through the pfizer court to spy on american citizens with information they never verified and he acknowledged the transcribe testimony right folks this is incompetence at at at a pakalitha level joe if this were you and i in the private sector you know is good as i not only would he bit as well as i do not only would andy mccabe been fired his salary probably would have been clawed back to you think gosh finally the flint prosecution andy mccabe is an upper level manager at the fbi when mike flynn is prosecuted by false statements despite the fact that the f b i agents interviewing flynn acknowledged along with jim komi that flynn was not lying that he was likely truthful during the interview flynn is then subsequently prosecuted for lying to federal agents how is that either said he was being truthful or he wasn't they said on the record he was being truthful jim qomi said it himself well it turns out mccabe and flynn have a past flynn snuck up for someone who he felt was being targeted by mccabe for various reasons and mccabe doesn't like flint i wanna know his role in that as well mccain's role in the flint prosecution i want to know mccabe's role with the fbi agents who interviewed him did he influence them what did he tell them to say did he tell them the same thing.

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