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We've got the I heart radio podcasts awards coming in January. Let's go ahead and dig into the rewind. Weekly rewind. Odell Beckham junior. I talked about it on the line stream on Sunday morning. You know because we didn't get news of Odell missing this game into late in the weekend. He was out with the quad injury surprise. It was crazy. I mean, we knew he was dealing with a quad injury in practice. But it never seemed like he had any chance of missing the game. And then it's like, oh, yeah. He didn't make the trip. Yeah. Yeah. So and then this is why apparently Eli manning was so good. How does that work? I don't know. There's a lot of pressure sometimes throw into the numero Uno force feeding them. Now. He did what he wants to do target Bennie Fowler. That's really his always wanted to his life goal. Austin suffered a stinger in week fourteen. I was reading about this this morning pro football, doc weighing in. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Austin echo on the games Thursday for them. It's a big game. Obviously will Melvin Gordon return. Justin jackson. Didn't perform in a match up. Where look I it was against the Bengals that any had some opportunities. Not good. Not mean, just trash. So we'll watch Austin cler. We'll keep you up to date. This was big news less Shawn McCoy for once was injured and didn't return after suffering a hamstring injury. Most of the time he goes off the field checks his Email and comes back in right? It makes you worried for next week. And actually, you should also be monitoring. Because because the fact he didn't come back in. It's like, oh it has. He probably doesn't have a leg anymore. You have to monitor Chris ivory because Chris ivory went out of that game as well. So it could be Marcus Murphy will know a little bit more by the waiver wire show tomorrow. But Marcus Murphy might be a good waiver wire pickup. Wow. Depending on what the fancy leagues do. Maybe we'll just designate Josh Allen as a running back because he's putting up more yardage than just about anybody on that team. Then any running back. Correct. Correct. Tyreek he'll tyreek hill played through the injury. On Sunday told NBC sports Peter King this morning. My foot is bad. Yes. Super naughty. I'm hoping it's more of a. Michael jackson. Oh, yeah. Bad. Yeah. You know it. Yeah. I was I was with. All right. Jordan Reed suffer foot injury. Didn't return Big Ben exited briefly, again, he's another guy that you normally hear gets banged up. It was surprising to see him out. There came back into the game lead them down the field. Jordan Reed one we gloss over. But that's what he's done. I'm just saying Jordan Reed is not one to be a quick recoverer. No injuries or no. He doesn't heal. Well is Zia crew. crow. Isaiah Crowell suffered a foot injury. We'll talk tomorrow waiver show. But. Look opportunities their New York at the running back position. We'll see Cortlandt.

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